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Maple Cranberry Banana Bread

Dear World: I’ve found the best banana bread recipe. No, seriously, I have! I know, I know, food bloggers try to convince you all the time that what they’ve made is the best thing ever. Hear me out. This recipe is adapted from Sweet and Savory Tooth, the blog I had this month for Secret …

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Mini Banana Toffee Walnut Bread

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of the desperate need not to waste food. Sure, I could throw those bananas in the freezer, but there they would languish, forgotten, until they become freezer burnt beyond all recognition. As I was baking up treats for the Great American Bake Sale I looked around my kitchen and …

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Strawberry Lemonade Muffins

Remember the other week when I made those crazy good strawberry scones? Well, I managed to find the same brand of strawberries here on the East Coast, and they were just as flavorful. When my Southern Living magazine arrived this month with an alluring headline on the cover: “Luscious Strawberry Desserts”, I had to flip …

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Peanut Butter & a Giveaway

Oh, peanut butter. I never realized how much I relied on this super food until I moved to England, where it’s a more recent phenomenon, and very hard to find in its “American” version. I remember having to buy imported Skippy, a brand I’d never bought when I lived in the States. I also remember …

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Banana Red Walnut Muffins

I’m chasing a white whale, I know it. But my Ishmael is clearly the perfect bakery muffin. I’ve got the texture down pat. The pancake mix is really what does it. However, I am still searching for that exquisite domed top, the high rise of those Panera Bread behemoths. I’ve got a few more tricks …

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