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The Best Barbecue Sides

Summer is coming, and I’m more than ready. My favorite thing to do is gather friends and family around our pool, with the smoker going and all the good grub on my massive outdoor table.

The table is special. My sister sanded, stained and made beautiful this giant table that doesn’t actually work well for my house – it fit great in the last one, but not so much this one.

So now it’s an outdoor table, made able to withstand the weather and the barbecue sauce drippings. So let’s eat!

Best Barbecue Sides

Texas barbecues are legendary, not just for the brisket, but for the sides too. From creamed corn to borracho beans, potato salad to good ol' white bread, it's not good barbecue if it's not accompanied by all these things.

Coconut Chicken Curry from the Our Sweet Basil Kitchen Cookbook