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I can’t believe Labor Day has come and gone. We’re in the Dog Days of Summer now. It’s still warm enough here on the East Coast that a cold drink, the deck, and a hunk of meat on the barbecue are an enjoyable experience. My seasonal recipe for Green Mountain Coffee this time around comes …

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Time for another Tex-Mex lesson! What’s a raspado? Quite simply, a snow cone. But raspados are different in that they have more exotic flavors. Some of the most popular in South Texas include Strawberry Horchata, Lechera (sweetened condensed milk), Watermelon, Tamarind, and Plum. But by far, my favorite? Prickly Pear and Lime. You can pretty …

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One of the greatest things about having a blog is the ability to really come out and support someone or something you really believe in. I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Stern from What\’s Cooking With Kids last year at the BlogHer Food convention in San Francisco. We had quite the adventure in a stretch limo with about 12 other bloggers, something we\’re still laughing about! (And this is quite a dramatic story for another time.)

What I\’ve come to know about Michelle is that she has an all-encompassing passion for getting kids interested and enthused about good food that is good for you. This is a passion close to my own heart, as I wrote in my post about Food vs. Fauxd.

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