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Guest Post: Blackberry Ice Cream

Milisa from Miss In The Kitchen is one of those folks that just popped up on twitter one day as a suggestion, and made me smile every time I saw a tweet. She’s amazingly talented. Did you know she even had her own barbecue sauce business? She sent me a few bottles from the company the other week out of the blue. She’s kind like that. I really appreciate her guest posting while I am in Texas for my Nan’s funeral. When she offered up blackberry ice cream, it made my head tingle – my nan and I shared a deep love of all things blackberry. She grew them in the yard, and every summer we’d bake a blackberry pie together. (She always made the pie crust – I had the pie crust curse!) Thanks, Milisa, for the wonderful post, and for being my friend. Amber

Hey Y’all, I am Milisa from Miss in the Kitchen and I am here to share a yummy cool treat for these blazing hot temperatures. A few weeks ago Amber so sweetly sent me a custom header for my blog. I appreciated it greatly and when I heard about her Nanny, I wanted to help any way I could. I understand how Amber felt about her Nanny because I have one too. This recipe was all ready to go and I also link many of my recipes back to my own Grandmother. So here’s to all the wonderful Grandmothers out there, where would we be without them?

When I was a kid we could count on homemade ice cream after Sunday dinner. I remember my older cousins giving me a turn cranking the handle, which I would only want to do a few times and then of course I was tired. Just not too tired to eat the ice cream! These days I have the counter top model that makes in 30 minutes with no handle to crank, and I love it.

My Grandma always made homemade banana ice cream and it was SO good. Those frozen chunks of bananas were so sweet and would cool you right down from the awful summer heat. Those ice creams were all custard based and had to be cooked. I have trouble waiting on the cooling time for the cooked varieties so most of my ice cream is without eggs. My ice cream is also without bananas since my husband has a no eating bananas policy. I grabbed a big container of blackberries from Sam’s last week and instantly thought of ice cream. This was the first time I’ve had blackberry ice cream but it will not be the last, it was fantastic. I just can’t get enough blackberries this summer and did you realize how good they are for you?


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Cathy Johnson

Sunday 7th of October 2012

This is wonderful and so easy! It works with any kind of fruit as well as the blackberries.

Cookbook Queen

Wednesday 20th of July 2011

I cannot believe how EASY this recipe is!! I was all prepared for a super long list of ingredients. I will DEFINITELY be making this!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wednesday 20th of July 2011

Oh, I'm not normally a fruity ice cream person, but this looks amazing! Love the color!


Tuesday 19th of July 2011

I love the color of this ice cream! It reminds me of the black raspberry flavor my dad always ordered when I was a kid that, now that I think about it, I never see anymore. Gorgeous recipe :)


Monday 18th of July 2011

My 2 favorite girls together in one post! Love!! :)

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