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Chuao Chocolatiers Contest

If you’ve never heard of Chuao Chocolatier, you’re in for a treat. I had a chance to sample some of their chocolates last year, quite randomly, around Easter. At the time, their hazelnut praline Easter Bunny with popping candy was flat out the best piece of chocolate I’d ever eaten. It was like fireworks of …

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Chocolate Candy Cane Cupcakes

This is it, y’all. Crunch time. Normally I count myself in the few that has Christmas shopping done by October. This year? Not so much. In fact, I’ll fully admit that not four hours ago, I purchased the last of the gifts we’ll give this Christmas, and I really hope it reaches my brother-in-law in …

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Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

You might be looking at that photo and thinking to yourself, “Amber, that’s just another chocolate chip walnut cookie. Yum, but, come on! It’s been done!”. Well, my friend, you’d be right, except that that right there is a Levain Bakery chocolate chip walnut cookie, that I made at home.

The Levain Bakery is famous in this area, and honestly, beyond. It’s been the subject of New York Times articles, Food Network Shows, and many a food blogger discussion.

These cookies, they’re special. They’ve got weight. They’ve got this outer.. shell, for lack of a better word. When you bite into the cookie, the outer layer has a crunch to it, a bite. But it’s ever so slight, and gives way immediately to a texture somewhere between cake and chewy that I thought I’d never be able to duplicate.

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Mini Egg Nests

If you’re like me, Easter snuck up on you this year, despite it being late this April. April’s always a big month for me to remember stuff. First, my brother in law, David, has his birthday. He was born on April 4th, at 4:44 p.m. No really! To say 4 is his lucky number is, …

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