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Guest Post: Pecan, Bourbon and Bacon Brownies

Casey tells it better than I do, so I’ll let her tell you how we met. Every piece that I read on her blog blows me away. She’s an excellent, articulate and thought provoking writer – who just happens to write about food. It makes me happy to read Good. Food. Stories. because of just how well written it is, but luckily there’s also really great recipes and, well, good food stories! Thank you, Casey, for guest posting. I hope you guys enjoy her journey into Southern Decadence. – Amber

Casey from Good. Food. Stories. here, spinning a little tale of booze, bacon, and chocolate. I use those things quite frequently to cope with life’s slings and arrows, so it’s rather convenient that we can combine them into one densely sweet package, eh?

Agreeing to carpool for five hours with someone you’ve just met is a risky proposition. You’re either going to have slumber party-level bonding on wheels or suffer through the most mind-crippling 300 minutes of your life. So let’s take a moment to pity poor Amber, who was stuck playing passenger/navigator to my talkative speed-demon self on our way from New Jersey to Blog & Bake in Norwich, VT.

Oh, who am I kidding? Amber is just as talky as me and from the minute I stepped onto her doorstep and saw an enormous, debonair Maine Coon cat staring at me through the window, I knew we’d be getting along like gangbusters.

Flying up I-91 in our rented Nissan Versa (aka The Plastic Box, as we quickly nicknamed it for its unnervingly flimsy construction), we covered all the bases in record time. Between nonstop tangential blathering, I found out pretty darn quick that Amber loves Texas. And brownies, duh. And some good brown liquor (but not beer!). And pecans.

So now that I know Amber, I pay closer attention to things like the brownies by Kat Kinsman (incidentally, someone who’s also probably a hell a lot of fun to take on a five-hour car ride) accented with bourbon, bacons and pecans in last month’s Food & Wine. To illustrate the difference between the way my mind works versus Amber’s, I almost flipped right past them in my haste to rip out the recipe for Kat’s tomato lemonade. But I’m learning.

brownies, pecan brittle, bourbon

My version of the brownies somehow got gussied up with extra pecans in the batter, a generous spread of fudgy frosting, and a tiny hat of pecan brittle on top. What can I say? Amber inspires me to take my desserts a little over the top. The brownies’ taste and texture improve vastly overnight, so delay gratification if at all possible.

Despite the inclusion of bourbon, I have a feeling these wouldn’t be a bad addition to our next road trip. Whaddya say, Amber? You, me, a pan of brownies, a trip to Cabot Creamery?

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Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

Monday 31st of December 2012

@Bakingtherapist, as you no doubt know, baking times can fluctuate greatly based on how hot your oven runs and the type of pan used. I had the above results using an oven calibrated with a thermometer to 350 and a Pyrex baking pan - your times may vary!


Sunday 30th of December 2012

I baked these for 38 minutes and they appear wildly overdone. What is your experience with time and temperature?


Friday 5th of August 2011

holy heart attack on a brownie these look great. and i don't even like bacon!! but bourbon......


Tuesday 26th of July 2011

Loved reading the story of how you two met! These brownies look oh-so-decadent, yum.

Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

Monday 25th of July 2011

My neighbors, who are often the beneficiaries of my kitchen experiments, requested I do a peanut brittle batch next time. I bet it would be spectacular with almonds too!

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