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Mini Egg Nests

If you’re like me, Easter snuck up on you this year, despite it being late this April. April’s always a big month for me to remember stuff. First, my brother in law, David, has his birthday. He was born on April 4th, at 4:44 p.m. No really! To say 4 is his lucky number is, I think, and understatement.

Then it’s my Nan’s birthday on the 9th. Then my other brother in law, Jeremy, has his birthday on the 19th. That’s a lot of birthdays to remember to buy gifts for and write cards and make phone calls, people. I’m lucky I remember Easter even happens!

But then, if I’m honest, the grocery store is never going to let me forget, are they? As the Valentine’s Day candy goes on clearance, the Easter candy goes on sale – despite the entire month of March being between them.

I had the idea for these nests in my head throughout the month of March, but didn’t get around to making them for ages. That’s how we happened to go through 3, yes 3! bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs before I actually got around to making them.

Which, people, is just silly. Because it took all of 10 minutes to make these treats. So if you’re scrambling for something to make to take to an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow, head to the store right now. You’ll have these done and the rest of your Saturday free to do whatever you want!

I was very pleased with the taste of Crispix instead of the usual treat-making cereal. It mimicked branches for the nests, and holy WOW did it taste good! Super crunchy and marshmallow-y in one bite. I think I may even make marshmallow treats with Crispix from now on!

What are you up to tomorrow? Will you spend the day with family?

These would be super fun as Easter meal place cards. Place each treat in a decorative muffin paper, and then place a card to be held by the Mini Eggs with the person’s name on it. The treat can be moved to the bread plate while you enjoy dinner, and then devoured as dessert! [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Mini Egg Nests – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Choc Chip Uru

Wednesday 25th of January 2012

These are simply gorgeous Easter baskets - I would love to make these :)

In Katrina's Kitchen

Saturday 30th of April 2011

I love this - totally love it! Crispex is one of my favorite cereals anyway. It's nice to have "met" you! Love your blog too! Thanks for the Keurig help!! :)


Thursday 28th of April 2011

You are so right. I always forget about Crispix unless I'm making puppy chow, then I thing dang these are good! I think my next batch of RKT will be Crispix treats instead. Hope you had a great Easter!

christa kelso

Thursday 28th of April 2011

Just found your blog! These mini nests are adorable! def going to make these next year :)


Thursday 28th of April 2011

OMG-These are incredibly adorable! I love it.

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