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Woodchuck Hard Cider Bread

Things have been a little quiet around B&B through the holidays. James and I made our three and a half day trek from New Jersey to San Antonio, arriving just in time for the family’s Christmas Eve celebrations. I decided to take a little break and really enjoy my family. I’ve been having a blast …

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Homesick Texan’s Guacamole

When I stumbled (literally – through StumbleUpon) on Lisa Fain’s blog, Homesick Texan, the first thing I thought was: “Woohoo! Another Texan in the NYC area!” and the second thing I thought was: “That is a perfect name for a blog!”. I landed on her blog about a year after I’d started mine. But she’s …

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Breakfast Fruit Pizza

Today marks a week of cookbook giveaways on Bluebonnets & Brownies. Just in time for holiday gift giving, the three books I’ll share with you are all books I’m giving to friends this holiday season. Check back on Wednesday and Friday for two more fabulous cookbooks! I’m starting the week off with Pam Anderson’s newest …

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Apple Butter Bundt Cake

It’s no secret that I love fruit butters. So this summer, when my cute-as-a-button friend, Jen from My Kitchen Addiction posted her recipe for Peach Butter Bundt Cake, I was all over that. Except I didn’t have any peach butter. And a distinct lack of will to make peach butter that week. Luckily, Jen’s pretty …

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Prickly Pear Raspados & a Giveaway

Time for another Tex-Mex lesson! What’s a raspado? Quite simply, a snow cone. But raspados are different in that they have more exotic flavors. Some of the most popular in South Texas include Strawberry Horchata, Lechera (sweetened condensed milk), Watermelon, Tamarind, and Plum. But by far, my favorite? Prickly Pear and Lime. You can pretty …

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Homemade Rudy's Creamed Corn! You don't need to be near one of these famous gas station-BBQ joints to get your fix!

Rudy’s Creamed Corn

This post originally appeared on July 28th, 2009. It continues to be the most popular way that people find Bluebonnets & Brownies, and it’s still one of my favorite ways to bring “home” to our dinner table. About a week ago, I hosted 4 bloggers in my home for the weekend of Big Summer Potluck. …

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