Double Black Diamond Pudding Pie

Double Black Diamond Pudding Pie Photo

Dear Internet: I have made a refrigerator pie to end all refrigerator pies. Meet Double Black Diamond Pudding Pie. Layers of Newman's Own chocolate sandwich cookies soaked in dark and dangerous coffee, rich chocolate pudding made with more of that coffee, and ... [ Read More ]

Thanksgiving for Two & Anolon Everything Pan Giveaway


When you're a tiny family of two or three, Thanksgiving can seem a bit daunting. Do you turn the day into Friendsgiving so you can go all out with your cooking? Do you go out to a restaurant? Or do you find a way to scale down the meal into just enough for ... [ Read More ]

Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread & Giveaway


Aren't you so glad it's fall? I love diving straight into all the flavors we associate with fall - pumpkin, maple, ginger. Warm and toasty flavors that make you feel cozy and comforted when the weather turns crisp. That's one of the reasons I love Vermont so ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway: Gift Guide for the Ultimate Foodie


Gift giving is probably my favorite part of any holiday - birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Kwanzaa... if I can find a reason to buy someone a gift that makes them smile, I'm a happy girl. This particular holiday season, I think it's important to have some ... [ Read More ]