Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread

Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread Photo

Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread is completely irresistible for breakfast. Bet you can't stop with one slice! Aren't you so glad it's fall? I love diving straight into all the flavors we associate with fall - pumpkin, maple, ginger. Warm and ... [ Read More ]

Mini Mango Hazelnut Cardamom Bread


Raise your hand if you love mangoes, but they've always intimidated you! Up until a few weeks ago, I would have raised my hand. Every time I've had mango in a restaurant, I've loved it to bits. But I always passed it over in the supermarket - a funny foreign ... [ Read More ]

Mini Banana Toffee Walnut Bread


Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of the desperate need not to waste food. Sure, I could throw those bananas in the freezer, but there they would languish, forgotten, until they become freezer burnt beyond all recognition. As I was baking up treats for ... [ Read More ]

Fresh Strawberry Kefir Scones with Orange Glaze


I'm not much one for pressuring other people in the grocery store about what to buy. Over the years, I've become more informed about where my food comes from, and that leads me to make choices that may be different from mainstream America. Occasionally, I've ... [ Read More ]