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Prickly Pear Raspados & a Giveaway

Time for another Tex-Mex lesson! What’s a raspado? Quite simply, a snow cone. But raspados are different in that they have more exotic flavors. Some of the most popular in South Texas include Strawberry Horchata, Lechera (sweetened condensed milk), Watermelon, Tamarind, and Plum. But by far, my favorite? Prickly Pear and Lime. You can pretty …

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Independence Day is nearly here! Hooray for three day weekends, barbecues, and celebrating our Nation. If James and I were in San Antonio this weekend, we’d be preparing for a weekend full of tubing, good beer, and of course, fajitas. Do you know the history behind fajitas? Originally, skirt steak (what real fajitas are made …

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Hello Fall! Pumpkin Empanadas

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin empanada? Or an empanada of any kind, for that matter? Call it what you will: pasty, pocket, pie, or kolache, pastry enclosed pockets of food have been around probably almost as long as bread has. There’s not a single cuisine I can think of that doesn’t have some riff on …

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Cowboy Spaghetti

This is another one of those gems from my Nanny. I can’t quite explain why I never thought to combine pasta and chili, but YUM! About 10 years ago I swung by her house for dinner, and this is what I was met with. She didn’t put sausage in it, but that’s because she used …

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Carne Guisada

Carne Guisada (car-ney gee-sada) is a thick Mexican beef stew, typically served in flour tortillas, which, by definition, makes a taco. For future reference – food inside tortilla = taco, regardless of the variable fillings. You can have it on its own, or topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream. Where I come from, it’s …

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