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Biscoff Bites

Roughly this time last year, I had some fun developing Pumpkin Spice Bites from Abby Johnson Dodge’s original Nutella Brownie Bites recipe.

If you haven’t picked up Desserts 4 Today, really, what are you waiting for? That little book packs a powerful punch. So many recipes with so few ingredients! Abby really is a dessert genius.

A few weekends ago, my baby cousin, Alycia, came to stay with us. She recently moved to NYC for an internship, and it’s been wonderful getting to know her as a grown woman. I call her my baby cousin because, well, she is. She’s the youngest of the first cousins on my dad’s side, and she’s a decade younger than me. And I could not be prouder to be related to someone.

Alycia has a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart (sidebar: be nice and check out her youtube channel?). It’s so fun to watch a young girl embrace life with such love and gusto. One thing I’m really loving about her visits is how kean she is to learn more about cooking and baking.

Also, her willingness to organize my life! The weekend that we made these Biscoff Bites, she also organized our pantry. (And yes, I’m still calling or texting her every few days – or at least thinking about it before diving in – to find something in the pantry).

She’s living with three other girls in a two bedroom apartment, and they kind of love it when she comes home from a weekend at our place with a bunch of baked goods. So that weekend, she went home with Cranberry Walnut Muffins, Nutella Brownie Bites, and these Biscoff Bites.

If you haven’t tried Biscoff Spread yet, I again ask you, what are you waiting for?? I’ve long loved the cookies, and tried to duplicate them with quite a lot of failure. But the spread – oh the spread. The texture of peanut butter, but the flavor is full on Biscoff Cookie. I have to go to my least favorite grocery store to get the stuff, but it is oh-so-worth-it.

It’s wonderful on a toasted english muffin or cinnamon raisin toast. But the minute I opened the jar and saw the texture matched that of nutella and peanut butter, I had Abby’s recipe on my mind.

I’m happy to say that Biscoff Bites work, and are delicious! They don’t have the crunch of the cookies, but they do have the glorious flavor.

When you want a baked good in a hurry, these guys are where it’s at. Alycia even took home my spare mini muffin pan so she can make these anytime she wants. Her momma didn’t raise no dummy.

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Biscoff Bites – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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Tickled Red

Tuesday 11th of October 2011

Oh my word! Those look nummy darlin'. You know, I have yet to try biscoff. I know, I know...don't say it :) LOL... I'm trying this recipe this weekend.

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Sunday 9th of October 2011

I have a minor obsession with Biscoff Spread. In fact, I purposefully did not purchase a new jar in fear that I'd chow it down in a week. However, these little nuggets of bliss may just give me the perfect excuse to buy a new jar.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Thursday 6th of October 2011

Yummm... I still haven't tried Biscoff (and I'm afraid to because I already have a bit of a Nutella problem.). But, just from your description, I can tell that these would be absolutely incredible.


Thursday 6th of October 2011

I've never heard of Biscoff spread. I will have to google it and study up.


Tuesday 4th of October 2011

These sound lovely!

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