Secret Recipe Club: Apple Pie Bites

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the ability to do a Secret Recipe Club post, so I’m really excited to be healed enough and organized enough to be able to participate.

Secret Recipe Club

This month I was assigned Mrs. Happy Homemaker, a new-to-me blog by Crystal. When Crystal says she’s a happy homemaker, she means it! In addition to three kids and a husband, she currently has 23 pets of the dog, cat, rabbit and chicken variety. Crystal, I’d like to know how you do it. Just reading that on your about-me page made me tired!

I browsed Mrs. Happy Homemaker for a good long while – and let me tell you, there’s a lot to choose from. First I thought I might make Crystal’s Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, then I thought maybe I’d make Meatball Lasagna, but all bets were off when I clocked Crystal’s Bite-Size Apple Pies with just 5 ingredients!

First of all, these little bites of win are perfect for any time you’re craving apple pie. They come together so quickly and easily, my sister was like, “Wait, that’s IT?!”

They’re good hot. They’re good cold. They’re good reheated in the microwave with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream on top. Crystal is pretty darn genius.

The only thing that I did differently to Crystal is to use apple pie spice instead of straight cinnamon. We just happened to have some lying around, and they really brought out that homey, comforting flavor you expect from apple pie. Feel free to use homemade pie crust, and straight cinnamon.

When I was making them, I also couldn’t help but think how Nanny would have tucked a small slice of sharp cheddar cheese in each pastry roll. She loved cheddar cheese on her apple pie, and I know she would have loved this recipe.

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      Thanks, Crystal! We really loved the recipe around here. My sister and I were a little embarrassed at how quickly we burned through them!

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    These look like wicked little bites of heaven. I love cute they are and I’m thinking the cheddar cheese addition would be a whole lot of – yum!

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    yes please! portion control of a pie, I love it. I am one of those people who keep chiseling away at the pie to get the crust even…

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    Oh my, these are so simple and look like a perfect bite. Love your thought of sneaking a bit of cheddar in with the apple. I bet you could also sprinkle the dough with grated cheddar and then roll it into the crust. I absolutely must try these.

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    At first I thought these were apple rugelachs, and they could be, if you make them with a cream cheese butter dough. Your photos are exquisite and enticing! You know i’m making them with rugelach dough ;) That said, I do hope you get to reading the story. It started out as a way to simply journal some memories because I had writer’s block as far as food went, and it’s turned into a ‘series’ lol Thing hasn’t even gotten ‘good’ yet LOL

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