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Secret Recipe Club: Lemon Pineapple Cream Pie

When it comes time for Secret Recipe Club assignments, I always feel a little like I’m opening a Christmas present when I open the email from our group organizer, Jane. Who will it be? Do I know them? What will I make?

Secret Recipe Club

This month my email led me to Megan’s Cookin’. Megan is new to me, but that doesn’t mean she’s not fabulous. She’s got tons of content to choose from, and I really really struggled with what to make. When I choose a recipe for SRC, I like to go back to the oldest recipes.

As someone who’s been blogging a long time (in blogging terms, anyway), I know that while my oldest photos are shocking, the recipes I blogged first are often the ones I’m most passionate about. Things like my mom’s salsa, or breakfast tacos. I like to think it’s the same for a lot of bloggers, so I like to bring light (and traffic) to a recipe they might think is long since forgotten.

As soon as my email arrived yesterday morning, I started digging through Megan’s archives. We were having friends (and it turned out, 5 more friends than we originally planned!) over for a barbecue, and I was in desperate need of dessert inspiration.

Suddenly I stumbled on Megan’s Strawberry Cream Diet Pie. Something about the creamy filling and crisp cookie crust called to me.

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to use the new Newton Fruit Thins Lemon Crisp flavor to create a pie crust. From the moment I tasted them, I knew they would be fabulous in some sort of cheesecake-type application. Megan’s pie was exactly the push I needed to make that idea a reality.

What can I say? This is probably the easiest pie I’ve ever made. According to Megan’s site, each slice is only 2 Weight Watcher’s points. I’m not sure if my changes (using the Fruit Thins instead of graham crackers for the base, using Chobani Greek Yogurt) increase or decrease that situation in any way, but I can tell you that this makes for one crazy delicious pie.

Megan’s original recipe is strawberry and chocolate. With the Lemon Crisp cookies, I was planning to make a lemon pie from start to finish. But my whirlwind flit through Target meant I didn’t pay quite as close attention as I should have.

I grabbed Pineapple Chobani instead of Lemon Chobani. And poured it into the pie filling before I noticed the happy little pineapples staring up at me from the quickly-torn-off Chobani foil lids. Hoping for the best, fearing for the worst, I threw the pie in the refrigerator.

I’m happy to say that Megan’s recipe can now be certified fool-proof! Or at least, this particular fool-proof. It turns out lemon and pineapple are pretty much a marriage made in pie heaven.

Light, creamy, with that perfect crunch from the cookie base. This is a pie you want to make when you have an unexpected crowd or an unexpected craving. It’s lovely and versatile. Follow Megan’s recipe to a tee, or mine, or pave your own road by subbing in your favorite Jell-O and yogurt flavors. The world is your pie-oyster.

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Thursday 19th of July 2012

Lovely! This looks like a refreshing, delicious dessert, totally perfect for a summer evening!


Monday 16th of July 2012

Did you mean a 0.3 oz package rather than a 3 oz package of Jell-o?


Tuesday 17th of July 2012

Lauren, I did not. The boxes of Jell-O at my grocery store are sold in 3 oz (85 grams) and 6 oz boxes. I hope that helps!


Monday 16th of July 2012

5 minute pies are my favorite! I think lemon and pineapple sounds perfectly refreshing for summer.


Friday 13th of July 2012

O!! I have to make this. Perfect for the HOT days we have been having!! Graet pick!


Friday 13th of July 2012

This reminds me of one of my mom's standards when we were kids - pineapple lemon jello. I'm not such a huge jello fan anymore, but we still talk my mom into making it every Thanksgiving. This pie looks like the classier version - must try!

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