Bishop’s Cake

Things have been a little crazy over here in Casa de B&B. Sufficed to say, I’m finding there are not enough hours in most days. But, some things are important enough that you make time for them. Like cake. And friends.

I’d like to tell you about our dear friends, Chris and Karen. They have a lovely little blog, The Peche, and it is because of our blogs that we met. But somewhere along the way, our friendship became less about bloggy things and more about, well, just really enjoying each others’ company.

The year before last, Chris and Karen and their three littles moved away from New Jersey. I was sad. Really sad. And then we got to see them on our drive back from Texas in March, and we had this fantastic dinner at a restaurant in Atlanta called Cake & Ale.

I ate a superb entree that night, but if I’m honest, the only things I remember about that meal are realizing how much I missed Chris and Karen being local, and the salt and pepper cookie I had for dessert.

It pleases me to tell you that Chris, Karen, and three of the sweetest, craziest, smartest, adorable kids we know are now living within 10 minutes of our front door. Last Sunday, we stopped by to return their cake carrier and the two little Fisher Price horse visitors left at our house by mistake.

You should know, I’m from the South. We don’t return plates, casserole dishes, or indeed, cake carriers, empty. So I made Chris and Karen and the littles a cake. A Southern cake, found in a New Orleans compilation cookbook, circa 1959.

Decadent and eggy, with a crispy crust and a sweet glaze, Bishop’s Cake is definitely my new favorite pound cake. The traditional recipe calls for vanilla extract in both the cake and the glaze, but I chose this opportunity to try out my new “Buttery Sweet Dough” extract emulsion from King Arthur Flour.

You know that smell that hits you when you step into a bakery? Sweet notes of citrus and vanilla, and everything there is to love about baking? That’s what you get in the Buttery Sweet Dough emulsion. I kind of want to put it in everything, even my coffee. But if you’re not in to ordering special ingredients, just use vanilla extract in both.

So have a piece of cake. In honor of friends who just get you, and don’t mind when you gift them with a cake that already has a slice cut – because luckily, they get you.


  1. Chris @ The Peche says

    So glad to have you to as friends and as close neighbors. Thank you for the kind words.

    And thank you for this cake. It was spectacular.

    • says

      What! Not big bad Casey! (Actually, I’m really kind of proud I made you tear up, I did my very best to convey that sentiment in the post. Given that you fit in the same category of friend, someone who just ‘gets’ me, I hope that you know every word I said about Chris and Karen applies to you too.

  2. says

    I really need to find me a Southerner to loan all of my dishes to. ;)

    I also think I need to get some of that sweet dough emulsion. I’ve never experimented with anything other than the standard vanilla extract and now I feel like a foodie failure.

  3. says

    So great to have Chris and Karen back in NJ, where they should be! I certainly don’t know them the way you so but I adore them none the less and I’m so happy they’re here again. This cake is wonderful and I definitely want to try that Butter Sweet Dough extract. I always look at it and wonder what I could use it in and I’ve been so intrigued by it. Now I have the perfect thing to give it a whirl!

  4. McKinze says

    Thanks for this recipe! I am a big fan of pound cakes in bundt pans…and speaking of bundt pans, this one is beautiful! Is it the rose-shaped one? I haven’t actually seen one in a store but hope one will find its way to me someday. Where’d you get yours? Thanks again for the recipe, and generally a great blog I often look to for inspiration!

    • says

      Hey McKinze, thanks so much for your sweet comment. This is indeed the Rose shaped Bundt pan. I got it on one of the Woot sites, I think Home.Woot – they do 1 special every day, unless they’re having a “woot off” where they sell things until they run out and then move on to another product. I think I picked it up for $15, which is a great deal for a NordicWare pan!

  5. says

    Love everything about this post, from the story, to the cake, to the pan. I want this cake! Yum! I also love the southern tradition of returning plates and casserole dishes with food in them. I think up north we worry we won’t return them clean enough…filling them with more food takes care of that, and sends some love back to boot. What could be better? :)

  6. says

    What a sweet post; it almost brought me to tears! So glad that Chris & Karen are close by to you again – they are definitely good people. :-) And I agree with the sentiment of never returning a pan without something in it for the return trip. :-)

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