Neapolitan Oreo Brownies

Y’all, I’m stress eating like whoa. It’s been a rough few days without water or power, but we have it better than most. A tree fell, but missed EVERYTHING. We thought we were prepared with a generator and gas. But now we’re on day 4, and everywhere is out of gas, including our generator. At least we got water back last night. Sadly, the latest news from our mayor is that it’ll be another 7-10 days until we have power again. Bye-bye, freezer full of food.

I made these Neapolitan Oreo Brownies a while back, at least a month ago. I hadn’t had a chance to post them until now. Now seems like an appropriate time, because if I had a tray of these, I’d be sharing them with my neighbors and we’d all be drowning our sorrows in chocolate and Oreos.

There’s nothing overly complicated about these. I enjoyed them a lot, but some of James’s coworkers didn’t like the texture contrast between crunchy cookie and chewy brownie. I’ll let you be the judge.

Please keep the Northeast in your thoughts and prayers. If you can, donate to the Red Cross to help the people in this area. It really is dire here.


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    Oh god those look good!! I love Neapolitan Oreos – I made cupcakes with them a few weeks ago :) Hope you are doing alright post-storm – I’ve been thinking about you guys.

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      Thanks, Annie! I’ll have to check those cupcakes out – I am SO behind in my blog reading. We’re doing okay. A little PTSD, but we have it so much better than most. Just have to keep remembering that and being grateful for it.

  2. says

    Hang in there Amber. Power companies always say its longer than it really takes. I feel for you, I had to throw out our whole freezer and had a big berry mess puddle at the bottom of it. I’d totally be munching on these if I had some too!

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    How can you not like the contrast between the fudgy brownie and the crunchy cookie? James needs new co-workers!

    On a more serious note, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be without power for that long. I hope you get power back sooner than expected.

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      I seriously thought they were crazy myself, but then he got all upset that I thought they were crazy. Said if I didn’t want criticism, I shouldn’t ask. Hmph.

      We’re doing okay now. Power was back much sooner than expected, and I didn’t have to throw out my freezer full of food after all. Gifts, those.

  4. elisa says

    Hi Amber,

    I’m new to your site, but I love it already.

    I live in Northern NJ and it’s nuts up here. But on a positive note, friends of mine were expected to get power not until Wed and they’re up and running as of yesterday. I think the power companies are being forced to say that it will take longer than it might just to get us off their backs. Hang in, we Jerseyians are tough cookies!!

    BTW-these look yummy. I made neopolitan rice krispie treats that were amazing!!

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      Elisa, thanks so much for stopping by! We did indeed get power back sooner, but the rest of our town took much much longer. We’re on day 11, and still most of my town doesn’t have power. Feeling blessed that we got it back.

      Thanks for your sweet comment – you’ll love these brownies. Your rice krispie treats sound great!

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    Oh no. Your poor freezer! So sorry. :(

    And I can get the issue with the texture. I don’t agree with it but I get it (as a person with her own texture issues!) And wow, they seem to be making every kind of possible type of Oreo now. Do you remember when they came out the white chocolate covered Oreos for Christmas forever ago? That was pretty amazing.

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      Erin, we actually lucked out! We got power back late on Saturday, and our generator and gas supply held out until then. We’re certainly lucky. I might eat a brownie to celebrate! Oh, and those White chocolate covered mint Oreos are my absolute favorite. Though, I’m hearing reports that now Target has Candy Cane Oreos!

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    I’m wondering how your freezer food fared. I’d be totally stress eating too! In fact, I think I DID, just thinking about you all. Be well. xox

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    I’ve been thinking about all the storm victims constantly! I’m glad you are okay and I hope things only continue to look up. You’ll be in my thoughts.

    I can’t imagine not liking a cookie inside a brownie!

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      Me too, Tara, me too. Though I’m a little worried about this new storm we’re getting tomorrow. Kind of over this extreme weather stuff! I personally think these brownies are perfectly celebratory. Maybe I’ll make another batch!

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    These look amazing; how can you not love the crunchy/chewy combo?! And I’m SO glad your power came back on sooner than they said it would be. Still, NJ and NYC are in my thoughts & prayers; I know a lot of rebuilding is yet to come. With neighbors like you though I’m sure it makes it a little easier to get through it!

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      So sweet of you, Tracy. I thought his coworkers were nuts too! I thought they’d be all over these, and they just were NOT. But I certainly ate MY fair share and loved them!

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      Girl, I’m worried it’s going to be a rough winter. It definitely seems like the thing to do. Also, these Oreos are at Target in the normal cookie area (they’re not seasonal). That is, if your Target has power. Mine does not. *sigh*

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