Fredericksburg Peach and Southern Comfort Jam

In Northern New Jersey, it’s not even close to peach season. But in the areas surrounding San Antonio and Austin, it’s been peach season for a few weeks already. Fredericksburg peach season, to be precise.

Fredericksburg was founded in the 1840s, and named for a Prince of Prussia. When people think of Texas, they probably don’t often think of German, but South Texas is an incredible mash-up of German, Mexican, and Anglo cultures.

Many street signs in Fredericksburg still boast German spelling, and is the home of “Texan German” – a dialect spoken by some of the original settlers in the area that refused to learn English. It’s a tiny town, with only about 10,000 residents. If you want to find it on a map, look about an hour and 15 minutes Northwest of San Antonio, and there she’ll be.

When I was a kid, we often traveled to the Peach Capital of Texas for fresh peaches from the roadside stands. When James visited Texas for the first time, he arrived smack dab in the middle of peach season. We drove down winding back roads from Canyon Lake to Fredericksburg, stopping at roadside stands along the way.

I’m proud to say that James had his first taste of freshly made peach ice cream on my dime. He’s never quite got over the devastation of something so wonderful.

One of my favorite little known facts about Fredericksburg is that Frank Bielec, probably my favorite Trading Spaces designer, lives there with his wife. I used to love when he’d find some fabulous Texan artwork and design an entire room around it.

A few weeks ago, I was desperate for some Fredericksburg peaches. I haven’t had them in YEARS. I just never seem to get home at the right time to nab them. So in possibly the least green thing I’ve ever asked anyone to do, I texted my pal Steff, and begged her to mail me some.

Steff is wonderful and responsible and reliable, and sent me a box of the first Fredericksburg peaches she spotted.

Immediately I opened the box and took a huge sniff. Ahhhh, Texas. You never disappoint.

That night, I made an impromptu peach crumble with two peaches, some crushed Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, some maple sugar, and a little granola. It was fab!

However, I want to stretch out these gorgeous Texas peaches for as long as I can (or until Megan gets here with more), so sent out the call for jam recipes.

I tell ya. The food blogging community is amazing. In a matter of minutes I had a ton of recommendations. But hardly any of the recipes I scoped out were small batch, so I started with Tracy’s Peach Rum Butter and talked through making a smaller recipe with her. I’m incredibly lucky to have such brilliant friends.

I’ve been slathering this stuff on bread, crumpets, toast, and pancakes. I’m pretty sure it would make shoe leather taste good. Megan better get here quick with more peaches, or we’re in trouble.


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    I am seriously in love with your version of this jam! I can’t wait to make my own peach jam with Southern Comfort later this summer. Wonderful indeed!

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      Kathryn, I would totally agree. Take everything you know about peaches and throw it out the window. A Fredericksburg peach is every inch the epitome of what a peach should be.

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      Hah! Well, and being able to live IN the pool. Thanks, Bridget. It takes all those beautiful Texas peach flavors and pronounces them. I’m in love.

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    I’m lucky enough to live in the Hill Country and I just so happen to have about 5 peach trees that are drooping with peaches! I’ve been looking for things to make!

    This is going on the list!

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      Jen, I am SO jealous! If you happen to need anyone to take some of those peaches off your hands, I will TOTALLY pay for shipping. :)

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    Oh my goodness, boozy peach jam?! Yes, please! We’re still waiting on peaches here too (and I don’t know anyone who would mail me any–ha!), but I’m so looking forward to when they’re finally ready. Then you just KNOW summer has arrived. :)

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      Kiersten, I have to be honest that I’m still a little ashamed I asked Steff to mail me fresh produce! But it was SO worth it. Peaches have to be one of my favorite fruits, and having them from home just made all the difference. Thanks for stopping by!

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    I was seriously in a NJ Shoprite today telling a friend how much I miss Fredricksburg peaches!!!! And you threw in a great Canyon Lake reference too! I am obsessed. Can’t wait to try this!

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    I have to say, Fredericksburg is the area I would move to if I ever move back to Texas. I adore the Hill Country! But, you’re forgetting about Texan Czechs! I’m a Texan Czech :)

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    Amber this jam looks amazing! I always loved peach picking when I was little on farms in Western New York (who are we kidding…I am counting down the days until they ready to pick here in Virginia!) but I can’t even IMAGINE how amazing Fredericksburg peaches are. And peach ice cream?!? Wow. We have family in Texas so I will have to Google-map how far they are from the Peach Capital. Until then, I will be making this jam with local peaches…and maybe increasing the amount of SoCo to make up for any lack of peach flavor! :)

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