Pork and Beer Skillet Stew & a Le Creuset Giveaway

We love pork in this house. And beer. Two of the few things a Texan and a Brit might have in common from the very start, wouldn’t you say? A couple of weeks ago, James came home with a six pack of Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer.

Now, I’m not a beer drinker. But I loooooove to cook with beer. I love the earthy, deep, and rich tones it adds to everything from bread to cupcakes, but I especially love it in stew and pie applications.

Guinness is great in a steak pie. And Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer is great in a quick skillet stew.

This is one of those recipes that happens when I walk in the kitchen, pick ingredients out of the fridge, and just sort of see what happens when they come together.

Luckily, this time I was smart enough to keep a notepad nearby (you’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen and then I kick myself later) and I wrote down every ingredient as I went.

The resulting stew was so good I’ve made it twice since. We’re working our way through that Octoberfest six pack one bottle and batch of stew at a time (because now it’s out of season and I won’t let James drink the rest so I can keep making this stew!).

Plenty of other beers will work, don’t you fear. I just really like the richness of the Sam Adam’s Octoberfest.

One of the things I’ve loved about making this quick pork and beer stew was the opportunity to try out the Le Creuset 3 1/2 quart Chef’s Pan I was offered for review. This thing is pretty awesome! It’s shallow enough to work well for sauteeing, but deep enough to suit making a stew without spillage.

The 3 1/2 quart Chef’s Pan is the perfect size. Like a good knife, it fits perfectly in your hand. It’s not too heavy or too light, and fits a variety of recipes. I guess that’s why they call it a Chef’s pan – it’s so versatile you can cook just about anything in it. Not to be outdone, the Chef’s pan actually came as a set, its partner being a 9 1/2 inch Le Creuset Fry Pan.

Handily, these two pans are the same circumference, so you can use the accompanying lid on either one, without needing extra space for more lids in your cupboard. Both pans are made of Le Creuset’s tri-ply stainless steel, which promotes quick and even heating. You don’t have to cook at a high heat in order to get a great temperature – I like that. Absolutely perfect for all your holiday meals!

From Le Creuset’s Website:

The fry pan easily handles a variety of cooking techniques, from searing to stir-frying, while the sloping sides of the chef’s pan promote rapid evaporation, making it perfect for reducing sauces.

So, who wants to win this fabulous Le Creuset Pan Package just in time for the holidays?

How you win:

{Required Entry}
Visit Le Creuset’s Cookware page.

Come right back here and leave a comment telling me what Le Creuset item (other than the set in the giveaway) you would LOVE to see under your Christmas tree. You must be specific. “Red French Oven” will not count.

Who wants bonus entries?!

For each item below that you do, you will get one extra chance to win. If you already do any of these items, they DO count. You MUST leave a separate comment for each item. If you leave one cumulative comment, it will only count as one extra entry.

1. Like Le Creuset on Facebook.
2. Like Bluebonnets & Brownies on Facebook.
3. Follow @LeCreuset and @BluebonnetBaker on Twitter and tweet the following. Then come back and leave a comment that you did so.

I just entered to win a super cookpan package from @BluebonnetBaker & @LeCreuset! http://su.pr/1EmOv0 #giveaway

4. Subscribe to Bluebonnets & Brownies email updates. When you click the link, you will see “Get Bluebonnets & Brownies Delivered By Email.” Once you subscribe to the email updates, you will get an emailing confirming your subscription. Leave a comment after you’ve confirmed your subscription.

Important Details:

-This giveaway is open to USA residents only and will run until Wednesday, November 30th at 11:59 pm EST.
-Winner(s) will be generated via a random number generator software program. Winner will be notified via the contact email provided on the comment contact form.
-Winner(s) will have until 12/4/11 to claim their Le Creuset Cookpan Set or we will choose another winner.
-Winner will receive one Le Creuset Cookpan Set (3 1/2 quart Tri-Ply Chef’s Pan and 9 1/2″ Tri-Ply Fry Pan){$179.99 value}. Product will be shipped by Le Creuset.


This giveaway is provided to you by Le Creuset USA. The views and opinions expressed by Amber Bracegirdle on Bluebonnets & Brownies are my own, and based upon my cooking experiences with Le Creuset products. I was given the product free of charge to test and review it; however, I was not monetarily compensated for the review or giveaway.

Pork and Beer Skillet Stew & a Le Creuset Giveaway
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Pork and Beer Skillet Stew & a Le Creuset Giveaway
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  1. says

    i know this sounds crazy, but i’d love the 13.25 qt. round french oven in red! i have smaller versions, but the giant one would be really handy too!!!

  2. Kitty Schaefer says

    I liked Le Creuset on Facebook. I would love to have the 71/2 quart flame pot. I cook a lot of soups and beans and have always wanted one. I have the square skillet in red love it. :)

  3. says

    I’ve had my eye on a few items! I’d really love the 2 3/4 QT. Soup Pot in red and the 13 1/4 QT. Round French Oven in red.

    Great recipe Amber!

  4. Jenniffer Hernandez says

    I would love to see the Le Creuset signature collection 7 1/4 Qt. Round French oven under my tree! I don’t have any Le Creuset items and have wanted them for years. I would scream.

  5. Susan Valley-Putt says

    Hi! I would LOVE to win a SQUARE SKILLET GRILL….how nice…it would be GREAT to cook with!!
    AND, I “like” you on Facebook!

  6. Cassie says

    I would LOVE the HERITAGE TRADITIONAL FONDUE in blue. My husband has been begging me to get a Fondue set for him 😉

  7. says

    This is an excellent winter recipe, so hearty and warming! I would love to have one of those 3 qt. au gratin dishes. I’ve never owned one and it seems like a lovely way to present a dish!

  8. Gidget says

    First of all YUM that stew is now on my menu!

    I LOVE Le Creuset cookware and would have more if I could afford it.

    Top of my list is the French Ovens…. I like the Linen color and a 91/2 or 14 quart round or oval I don’t care…they are just beautiful!

    Thank you!

  9. Michelle says

    I would love love love the Signature Collection 9 1/2 QT. Oval French Oven! But alas… the price tag won’t allow me to have it. LOL I covet it every trip to Williams Sonoma. Perhaps in the Aubergine color, but all of the colors are lovely. :)

  10. Jacque Rourk says

    I would so love to have the 15 1/2 x 12 1/2 oblong cast iron skillet grill would make my life so much more easier. My family loves to have hamburgers and flat bread sandwiches, this would make it quick and easy to prepare. Oh, just love to dream.

  11. Dena Hamlin says

    I have been dying to get the 4 1/2 qt. covered french oven round in kiwi…it is truly a thing of beauty!!!!

  12. says

    I have a 4 qt round oven in Ocean which I LOVE. I’ve had my eye on the 6 3/4 oval dutch oven in the grey color – gorgeous!

  13. Always Wright says

    I would love to have the Le Creuset cast iron panini press set in the dark blue. I’m not sure what they call that color. I would use it for paninis and tuna melts. It looks great! They have so many nice products!

  14. Nicole says

    This is the chef’s pan I’ve been looking for! So I want this one, and a 6.4L oval french oven in orange.

  15. says

    This might sound silly, but I would love the pumpkin casserole dish on their specialty page. I think it would just look perfect on my Thanksgiving table, but also be able to be used throughout Fall.

  16. Kim says

    I like the 8 qt french oven in kiwi. I would love to have the goose pot in cobalt to cook the Thanksgiving turkey!

  17. says

    First of all, your stew looks DELISH. Second of all, I think the 2 3/4 quart iron handle saucepan in the fennel color is amazing! Super useful and beautiful too.

  18. Allison C says

    I would love to see a Signature Collection 5 1/2 QT. Round French Oven in Flame under my Christmas tree!

  19. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I’d love to find the OBLONG SKILLET GRILL under my Christmas tree (although I’d be pretty happy if my husband was smart enough to get my any Le Creuset cookware)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Melanie Abray says

    I would love to see the 6 3/4 QT. Round Wide french Oven in kiwi under my Christmas tree this year.

  21. says

    Oh my goodness ….. I’ve been asking Santa for the 11-piece Signature Collection (cast iron) in Flame (orange) for TWO years. Heck, I might as well add the 12-piece Signature Collection in stainless steel too!!!!!! Wow, this is an awesome giveaway – thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Cindy says

    Well, I want all the the on the LeCreuset site. I just installed an induction cooktop and I really need a 12 quart stock pot in blue please! And maybe the grill pan too.

  23. Ann D. says

    Your stew looks and sounds delicious!
    I would love to find the “Signature Collection 9 1/2 QT. Oval French Oven in Cobalt Blue” under my Christmas tree this year. (Actually, any large LeCreuset in cobalt would be wonderful.)

  24. says

    I love the 6 3/4 qt. oval french oven in dijon.

    On a chatty note though, you and I are in the same boat. I don’t drink beer, but I’ll cook with it. You should come by my blog, I shared a recipe for a Beer Braised Chicken Carbonnade a few weeks ago-one of my husband’s favorite meals. Plus, I’ve got a shout out to you in my current post about that awesome quick beer pizza crust.

  25. Cynthia says

    There’s only one thing on my Xmas list this year and it is the Le Creuset 7-1/4-Quart Round French Oven, in Cherry Red!

  26. Lisa says

    I’m hoping for the Signature Collection 3 1/2 Qt. Round Wide French Oven in Aubergine under my Christmas tree this year!

  27. says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I’ve always wanted to own a set of Le Creuset cookware. I would love to see the OPRAH 10-PIECE COOKWARE SET in red under my Christmas tree! That would really be my dreams come true!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  28. says

    I would love Santa to bring the 20 Qt Stock Pot since winters here in NH are getting colder or I am getting Older and can’t handle them so cook lots more stews, soups and chili!

    I follow both on twitter so tweeted this giveaway too! Also follow both of you on Facebook because I love what yOu have to offer!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!


  29. colleen says

    I totally would want the 12 inch non stick deep fry pan, I follow BB on Twiiter, I follow BB on FB, I just sent your sample msg on twitter.

  30. says

    Great giveaway!! I have not had the pleasure of trying out the LC saute pans yet. They look amazing.

    Under my tree? I’m dying to get a LC Classic Whistling Kettle in a pretty cherry red.

  31. Miriam says

    I would love the Le Creuset 6 3/4 Qt Oval French Oven in the aquamarine color…it would be so practical and I love the color!

  32. Sharon says

    I’d love a Le Creuset Signature Collection 5 1/2-Qt. Round French Oven. I like the Linen color. Thanks!

  33. Page says

    I would love to win the
    7 1/4 QT. Round French Oven in Carribean or anything at all in Carribean. I wish they made more of their items in that color. I LOVE Le Creuset!

  34. Micaela Torregrosa-Mahoney says

    I desperately want the 8 qt. Oval French Oven in Cobalt for me under the tree. And my son wants the Children’s Bakeware Set :)

  35. Heather says

    I would like the Le Creuset signature collection 7 1/4 Qt. Round French oven for Xmas! I don’t have any Le Creuset items and have wanted them for years but have never been able to splurge on some items.

  36. Elizabeth says

    I would love it have the cobalt blue panini set under my tree this year! Thanks for the stew recipe, it sounds yummy!