Apple Butter Bundt Cake

It’s no secret that I love fruit butters.

So this summer, when my cute-as-a-button friend, Jen from My Kitchen Addiction posted her recipe for Peach Butter Bundt Cake, I was all over that. Except I didn’t have any peach butter. And a distinct lack of will to make peach butter that week.

Luckily, Jen’s pretty generous and also likes to can. So when we were together at the Big Summer Potluck, she brought me a spare jar of her own just so I could make that beautiful cake.

But it’s turning to fall now, and the base recipe of that bundt cake is so versatile – pretty much any fruit butter would work. You can use my recipe for Spiced Apple & Pear Butter or even Jen’s Spiced Cranberry Apple Butter, or you can pick up a jar of regular apple butter in the super market, found near the jams and jellies.

Whatever fruit butter catches your fancy, you can make this bundt cake with it. Excellent to take to any social gathering.. or your dentist’s office for an early morning appointment. I swear the hygenist was more gentle on me because of it!


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      Trader Joe’s sells some delicious fruit butters! We’re doing okay. I plan to do a blog entry about it, but I’m going to wait until after the fundraiser I have planned for the Texas Wildfire victims. Thanks for thinking of us, Tina. <3

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    I LOOOOOOVE apple butter. So comforting and autumn-ey. Which, if you ask ME, all the BEST foods are Autumn-ey. Except for margaritas. But that’s a drink so it doesn’t count.

    Anyways….your cake looks amazing…GORGEOUS photos, girl!!

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      Kristan, I so completely agree that *all* the best foods are Autumn-ey. I mean, come on. Autumn gets Pumpkin, and therefore is the defacto winner forever and ever! And btw – margaritas are an all season drink. Invented in Texas, so I think I can claim to be an authority on the subject, right?

      Thanks – I really loved the slice shot. It made me proud :) The cake is really tasty, but ya gotta thank Jen for that one!

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    This is truly inspiring, there is a country store here that sells all kinds of flavored butters. I have saved this recipe. Your picture of that slice is tempting as well as stunning. Great post.

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      It must not yet be in Cali, Sylvie, but on the East Coast, it was weird. It just came in all of a sudden over night. Last weekend, all 3 days of it were absolutely sultry. Tuesday rolled around, and it was freezing, rainy, and grey!

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      My dentist has a HUGE sweet tooth. I sent them chocolate chip cupcakes without frosting, so James called them muffins. They were ALL over them. Too funny.

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      Katrina, it was perfectly moist and wonderful. I sliced and flash froze half of it to eat at later dates, until Hurricane Irene killed my power. So sad!

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      Um hello, I will be making that recipe. It would be *fantastic* in this cake. Maybe with some cooked pears in a brown sugar/calvados sauce for pouring over the top? I. die.

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    This is so timely! My dad and I are going apple picking once the apples come in and now I have something to do with the apple butter. Besides just eating it by the spoonful :).

  4. bethany says

    Made this tonight for a summer barbecue, and it was a hit! Everyone loved it, and I think I saw one of our friends cut themselves off a sizable chunk to take home :) Thanks for the recipe – I’ll make sure to make this again the next time I make an overabundance of apple butter :)

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    I made this last week as cupcakes and they were SO good! Nice and moist, even with some “healthy” changes. :) Next time I’ll have to make enough to actually take pictures. I gobbled them up too quickly this time.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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      Erin, thanks for letting me know that this works out well as cupcakes! I can’t wait to see your healthy changes, since hubby is all whole grain these days.

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