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Mini Fruit Pizza for Amanda’s Baby Shower

Two of the best things about baby showers: teeny tiny adorable white fluffy baby socks and FOOD. I don’t know what it is about the socks. I just melt when I see them. Sure, onesies and bibs with tongue-in-cheek phrases are adorable, but they’ve got nothing on the socks. Just thinking about the teeny tiny feets that will go in those teeny tiny socks makes me squee like a 14 year old at a Justin Beiber concert.

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Guest Post – Molasses Dinner Rolls

I find few things as satisfying as baking homemade bread. I really love everything about it. It is amazing to me that a few simple ingredients can (after a few hours) turn into a beautiful, fresh loaf of bread. Plus, it is a great addition to any meal, and I can’t eat soup or salad without a fresh roll or slice of bread.

I also enjoy the process. My KitchenAid mixer gets plenty of use in my kitchen, but I rarely use it when I make bread. There’s just something stress relieving and calming about kneading bread by hand. Sometimes it’s fun to get my hands dirty, you know?

So, when Amber asked me to write a guest post for Bluebonnets and Brownies, I immediately knew that I should make homemade bread. I bake bread almost every week, and I am always excited to try new recipes.

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My Imaginary Super Bowl Party

You can count this as really cool or really crappy. I am going to count it in the really cool category: this year, the entire country will be throwing parties for my birthday. Well, I should probably rephrase that. They’ll be throwing parties on my birthday. This year, my birthday lands on Super Bowl Sunday.

James really kinda likes American Football, as he calls it, but doesn’t follow it religiously. I’m much more a basketball girl. (Go Spurs Go!) Growing up in a town where there’s only one major sports league team, those colors (black and silver) run deep. To this day, my favorite athlete is David Robinson (known as The Admiral to San Antonio Spurs fans), and he’s been retired for over ten years. So it didn’t even occur to us when the Super Bowl would be, where the Super Bowl would be, or why we would even need to know. And that’s how we came to book a vacation to Dallas-Fort Worth, the same weekend that the Super Bowl is being held there. Oops.

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Apple Rhubarb Chutney

Holy Apple Rhubarb Chutney, Batman! Last weekend, some of our dearest friends came over to help us christen our new hot tub. We had a fabulous dinner, followed by pink champagne that had been hanging out in our fridge for a celebratory occasion for over two years. It’s not that we hadn’t wanted to drink …

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Taco Dip

If there ever was a food that screams “Super Bowl Sunday!” to me, it’s Taco Dip. Otherwise known as Seven Layer Dip, it’s just one of those foods you’d only ever eat at a party, and only ever when you’re being very very bad. I’ll tell you right now I have no desire to know …

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Angie’s Famous Meatballs

Oh boy. You know, I shouldn’t work on this blog when I haven’t eaten breakfast. It doesn’t bode well for my eating choices for the rest of the day. For example, I have more of these meatballs in the fridge right now. Suitable breakfast? Maybe not. Suitably delicious? You bet. This recipe was very generously …

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Tomatillo Salsa

Hello! This is my first recipe entry on the blog, and I thought it fitting that it be something tex-mex. When I first met Amber SHE was in Texas and I was in Canada… We actually met in London. Now I am in Texas and she is on the East Coast. We’re all over the …

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Nanny’s Cookbooks

Notice the years of cooking stains, the worn edges of the pages, binding that is slowly coming loose. This war-torn tome is my grandmother’s favorite cookbook. No, it’s not Betty Crocker, nor is it Better Homes and Gardens, though she has both of those in her collection. This particular cookbook is “Recollections and Recipes From …

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