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Guest Post – Molasses Dinner Rolls

This week, I’m visiting my home state of Texas. Several of my blogging friends agreed to do guest posts for me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Jen from My Kitchen Addiction is one of the most genuine and lovely bloggers I’ve ever met. She’s smart as a whip, and makes the most beautiful food. Far more beautiful than I’ve ever attempted. I hope you enjoy her Molasses Dinner Rolls.

I find few things as satisfying as baking homemade bread. I really love everything about it. It is amazing to me that a few simple ingredients can (after a few hours) turn into a beautiful, fresh loaf of bread. Plus, it is a great addition to any meal, and I can’t eat soup or salad without a fresh roll or slice of bread.

I also enjoy the process. My KitchenAid mixer gets plenty of use in my kitchen, but I rarely use it when I make bread. There’s just something stress relieving and calming about kneading bread by hand. Sometimes it’s fun to get my hands dirty, you know?

So, when Amber asked me to write a guest post for Bluebonnets and Brownies, I immediately knew that I should make homemade bread. I bake bread almost every week, and I am always excited to try new recipes.

I had been eying up a recipe for “Dark and Soft Restaurant Dinner Rolls” in the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook… You know, the ones that you get at steakhouses that are light, soft, and perfect topped with creamy butter. I used the recipe as a guide to make some rolls of my own. I wanted a rich, dark flavor for the rolls, so I used pumpernickel flour (which is simply whole rye flour) in place of whole wheat flour, and I substituted dark molasses for the honey in the recipe.

Molasses Dinner Rolls

Even though these rolls contain pumpernickel flour, they were still light and soft. They are best served warm from the oven. The leftovers can be kept for a day or two, though… Just reheat them in the oven at about 300?F for 5 – 10 minutes until they are warm and toasty.

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Friday 11th of February 2011

I have a bunch of molasses in my pantry that I need to use. What a great idea for tasty rolls!

[email protected]

Monday 7th of February 2011

Lots of unexpected ingredients here with the orange juice and the cocoa powder. I'm dying to know what they taste like!


Monday 7th of February 2011

Oh wow - these look incredibly delicious. I have a whole jar of molasses that needs to be used! I love this idea!


Monday 7th of February 2011

Ooh, ooh...when this arrived in my inbox this morning, I got so excited! I hope you had a happy birthday! Thanks, Jen for sharing this recipe. :)

Jamie | MBA

Monday 7th of February 2011

I hope you are having an amazing vacation! These dinner rolls look amazingly delicious!

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