Valentine Chocolate Dipped Oreos

So here’s the thing. Oreos? They’re kind of an issue for me. I love them. Big puffy heart love them. They come in really fun flavors, like Candy Cane and Berry Burst Ice Cream. I mean, come on – they’ve been Milk’s favorite cookie for longer than I’ve been alive.

We try not to bring them into the house that often. For one, I can’t be trusted around a packet. If it’s open, every time I swing past it in the kitchen, another cookie disappears.

For another, they sadly contain high fructose corn syrup, which I really try to avoid. I only mention this because I’m hoping that some day, Oreo will see this post ( or one of the many around the interwebs) and maybe decide to leave it out.

That being said, there are other organic “Oreo”-esque cookies out there that work for these little bites of love, or you can make your own.

When I found this candy mold at Target, I had to have it. I’m sure you can find it in the holiday display of your local Target, or most craft stores, but you could also do something similar yourself with a silicone muffin pan, and a deft hand at drawing chocolate hearts after the initial chocolate layer has hardened.


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    Oh wow! I don’t eat oreos very often, but at Christmas time they have the white fudge dipped oreos that I am crazy about. How did I never think of dipping my own oreos? You are GENIUS Amber!

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    I have such a soft spot for Oreos – whenever my dad used to go to the US for work, he’d always bring me home a packet of Oreos before they were available here and I used to totally devour them.

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    I’m powerless when it comes to Oreo cookies. I don’t do much HFCS either, but I totally make an exception for the Oreo. That said, I’d love it if they just used real sugar!

    These are so pretty!

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    Adorable! I cant buy Oreos either, they all wind up in my mouth. When I do decide for them . I buy the brand “who Knew” they are better for you and taste the same.

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    Over here, Oreos come in boxes with 5 Oreos to each package. So it’s like you’re forced to eat 5. And that fifth one is so good that you have to open another package. And then whoops… 10 gone. Then you just feel sick. And oh my. Berry burst ice cream Oreos? I swear, they’re coming up with crazy stuff. I mean, it sounds great, but how many varieties are there now?! Maybe I’m just jealous I can’t try any of them. :)

    Anyway, these are super cute and I love the little hearts on top!

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