Homemade Grenadine Syrup

When I was a kid, we spent a lot of time in clubs and bars that my dad’s band played in. Some of my favorite memories of that time, other than getting to hear my dad play great music, of course – was when my mom would let us order a Shirley Temple. We felt so grown up! Sprite and grenadine, how continental!

Homemade grenadine syrup is deceptive. The depth of flavors that are produced when pomegranate juice is cooked down are sweet, earthy, and bright. And way better than any “grenadine” whose primary ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, not juice. (I’m lookin’ at you, Rose’s.)

Most people think grenadine is a cherry flavored syrup, but the truth is that the origin of the name comes from the French word for pomegranate. And I’m here to tell you that pomegranate syrup far surpasses cherry in this instance.

Homemade grenadine couldn’t be easier to make. Just make sure to pick up a resealable bottle before you start. I got mine at crate & barrel, but you can use any resealable jar in a pinch.

Some folks get crazy and lemon juice or star anise, but I like to let the pomegranate shine. Add the syrup to sparkling water, lemon-lime soda for a Shirley Temple, or make it that twist I talked about in my Classic St. Germain Cocktail post.

No matter what you do, just make it!


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      Right, Kristan? I think JD will be mightily impressed if Momma lets him have a “sparkling grenadine” after school. He’s sophisticated like that.

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      Hi Mary,
      Yes, it’s definitely supposed to be refrigerated. I’ve read some research that says you can preserve it indefinitely by adding a shot of vodka in the last few minutes of cooking down, but since I wanted my syrup to be kid friendly, I didn’t do that. (I wasn’t sure if all the alcohol would burn off.) We’ve had ours in the fridge in that bottle for a month now, and I just used it yesterday in some coke zero – it’s still fine. The sugar acts as a natural preservative too. I wouldn’t be able to tell you a true expiry date though, because I have no idea!

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      Thanks, Tina! Gotta put that silly snow to some good use, ‘cus I hate walking in it. I’m clumsy and I always end up on my backside. But at least it’s pretty for photo taking.

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      Aww, thanks, Amanda. Truth is, the French word for pomegranate is “grenade”, which totally made me think of French soldiers lobbing fiery pomegranates during a battle, which in turn made me giggle like an 8 year old boy. :)

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    I’ve been making this for awhile…and I don’t have to be concerned about kid friendly so I do include the shot of vodka and I’ve got some I’ve had for a year that I’m still using.

    I love the intense color too; it makes a definite difference in the look of a cocktail and it’s a good one. I also make my own maraschino cherries for the same reason. Bright red orbs and syrups are passe…and artificial!

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