Guest Post: Coconut Almond Macaroons

Today’s guest post comes to you not from a fellow food blogger, but from a dear friend. Jenny and I have known each other since high school, through her husband Nate. Nate and I were best friends throughout high school, and our sisters played volley ball together, so we occasionally ended up staring off into space together at parent-enforced game attendance. Jenny wears many hats in her household – wife, mom, student – Super Woman, really. She took the time to write up one of her favorite recipes for me and you. Thank you, Jenny, for being so awesome!

So…where to begin with my love of all things sweet? Okay, I won’t go that far back but I will elaborate on my love of coconut! Actually I should say my Aunt’s love of all things coconut; it’s for her that I make these delectable little treats.

My Aunt Delia is everything to me, she took me into her home when I was seven years old and raised me as her own. For that I will be forever grateful. However that is another story all together. This is about our never ending search for the perfect macaroon.

You see growing up I was always a foodie, I loved food, especially sweets – so there was nothing I wouldn’t eat… to my aunt’s dismay. She never had a treat that was her own because I would always discover it and eat it! I knew all her hiding spots, even the ones she didn’t know I knew about.

Most of the time I was very careful not to sneak too many of her treats for fear that she would find out what I was doing; of course she knew and never stopped me. One day a packaged arrived from Germany, it was from my cousin Eileen.

Inside were the most beautiful candies and cookies I had ever seen! The cutest were tiny little balls that looked like snow, coconut! She was hopeful I would not enjoy coconut as many kids my age didn’t. She hoped in vain. I loved them!

I ate my share and most of hers. After that she gave up hiding her treats and shared them happily with me. Years later we laugh about that now and thankfully have countless beautiful memories. Still I look back and wish I would have allowed my aunt the peace and luxury of enjoying her special little treats alone, without me pestering her and invading her hiding spots.

So knowing what I know now, that coconut is her ultimate indulgence (second only to chocolate), I have decided to combine the two in to one of her favorite cookies with a twist of course… a classically decadent almond macaroon dipped in rich, creamy dark chocolate ganache and topped with sliced almonds. How could I go wrong? ;)


  1. Jenny W. says

    I mailed these to my Aunt shortly after writing the post and she LOVED them! I’m so glad that even though we now live far apart I can still share these yummy cookies with her.

  2. says

    For all of the craze over macarons; I’ve never had one I’ve loved as much as a macaroon!

    Nordstrom Cafe has made ones similar to this for years; they dip one half in chocolate ganache. They’ve recently taken them out of their rotation so I’m so glad they shared their recipe with me but I love the addition of the almonds. I’m an Almond Joy girl from way back.

  3. Gloria J. Perez says

    Macaroons are one of my most favorite cookies! Now to know that you have chocolate & almonds on top of my most favorite makes it my most doubly favorite! Thank you Jenny!

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