Giveaway: King Arthur Flour & National Cherry Pie Day

February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day. While the dish is credited to Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England, most Americans are more likely to think of George Washington and his cherry tree when thinking of this bubbly, tart dessert.

Little known is that the story of George Washington and his cherry tree is a complete fabrication. That didn’t stop many people from making paintings, decorative plates, and desserts around this famous fiction.

I wouldn’t know a tenth of what I do about pie making and baking in general if it weren’t for King Arthur Flour.

America’s oldest flour company is also the one I trust with every baking question I have had in the past or will ever have in the future. They broke me of my pie crust curse after a weekend at their Blog and Bake conference last June. When they asked for my help celebrating National Cherry Pie Day, I couldn’t possibly say no.

For National Cherry Pie Day I adapted KAF’s Presidential Cherry Pie recipe. So far we haven’t seen sour cherries down here in Texas, so I used sweet Bing cherries. Just as delicious, and deeply seductive, this is one cherry pie you’ll want to make again and again.

Homemade pie filling couldn’t be easier with King Arthur Flour’s Pie Filling Enhancer. In fact, it took me longer to pit the cherries (who would have thought I’d miss that little uni-tasker down here in Texas?) than it did to make the pie filling.

The pie baked up into perfection in just 35 minutes. Word of warning: when baking in a foreign oven, trust your instincts. KAF’s recipe calls for 40-45 minutes in the oven. I learned the hard way during the baking of this cherry pie that my sister’s oven runs 10 degrees hotter than the temperature on the display, resulting in an overdone edge – even WITH the fabulous silicone crust protector provided by KAF. That crust protector can only do so much – it’s not going to protect the pie when you bake it 10 minutes too long.

But I should have known better. I read King Arthur Flour’s The Baking Sheet on a regular basis, and they always recommend testing your oven with a separate oven thermometer, instead of trusting the display. If you’ve never heard of it, The Baking Sheet is King Arthur Flour’s bi-monthly newsletter, filled with 24 pages of recipes, tips, tricks, and all the secrets to baking you’d ever want to know. It’s edited by Susan Reid, whom I have personally met and baked with. She knows her stuff, I can tell you that much.

If you want to get in the know about all things baking, I highly recommend picking up a subscription. They even have a special deal going on right now – if you choose the special offer, you get a 1 year subscription PLUS every issue of The Baking Sheet since 2009!

Check out the giveaway below the printable recipe!

To Celebrate National Cherry Pie Day King Arthur Flour is offering one lucky B&B reader a fabulous Pie Package!

King Arthur Flour Pie Package

  • 1 copy of The Baking Sheet‘s latest issue
  • 1 5 lb. bag of King Arthur Flour Unbleached All Purpose Flour
  • 1 package of King Arthur Flour Pie Filling Enhancer
  • 1 Adjustable Silicone Pie Crust Shield
  • 1 DVD of King Arthur Flour’s Pie Baking Essentials
  • Here’s what you have to do:

  • Leave a comment below – tell me: What’s the best cherry pie you’ve ever had?

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    -Winner will receive (1) issue of The Baking Sheet, (1) 5 lb. bag of King Arthur Unbleached All Purpose Flour, (1) package of King Arthur Flour Pie Filling Enhancer, (1) Adjustable Silicone Pie Crust Shield, and (1) King Arthur Flour Pie Essentials DVD {Valued at over $50}. Product will be shipped by King Arthur Flour.


    This giveaway is provided to you by King Arthur Flour. The views and opinions expressed by Amber Bracegirdle on Bluebonnets & Brownies are my own, and based upon my experiences with King Arthur Flour products. I received the giveaway items for review free of charge.

    Giveaway: King Arthur Flour & National Cherry Pie Day
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    Giveaway: King Arthur Flour & National Cherry Pie Day
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  • Comments

    1. Megan J says

      I’m sad to say I’ve never had a homemade cherry pie, but I’m sure that would probably be my favorite! I’ve had store-bought cherry pies before that were delicious, but I’d love to try making one on my own sometime! Thanks for the giveaway!

    2. says

      I’ve never made a cherry pie either because most of my family aren’t cherry pie fans (apple is their favorite). I did have a bite of a great cherry pie at a restaurant in St. Louis (my home town) — many many years ago. I love King Arthur.

    3. Jessica B. says

      Best homemade cherry pie I have ever had is my mother-in-laws. It is amazing and I strive to make a pie almost as good as hers. I know my husband would be thrilled to have more pie!

    4. Christina says

      While I’m not a cherry pie fan, I DO love a blueberry pie. My favorite comes from the state fair.

    5. says

      Do you guys ever get sour cherries in Texas? In NJ, they don’t come into season until late June – this year, you should come cherry picking with me! I have one bag left from the summer bounty in my freezer, so maybe I’ll make some mini pies today.

    6. says

      honestly, i’ve never had a winner of a cherry pie. never had a homemade one and never really liked the cloying sweetness and goopyness of the store bought ones. i may have to remedy that soon!!

    7. colleen says

      My most favorite Cherry pie is my mom’s. She makes her crust with nuts rolled in it and a struesel topping . It is so good,

    8. jonquil says

      The absolute *best* cherry pie I’ve ever had were the ones my late paternal grandmother, Thelma Herrmann, baked with her own home canned cherries used in the filling. She also used this shortening that I don’t believe you can get anymore. She told me that since it didn’t have preservatives/stabilizers it couldn’t be sold in the South (it melted into liquid ?). I can’t for the life of me remember the brand, but this was about 30 years ago (or more).

    9. Debbie H says

      Sad to say, even though Cherry is my favorite pie, I couldn’t say when or where I had one last. Noone else in my house eats it. After seeing these pics, if we weren’t snowed in, I might would make one today.

    10. says

      My great-aunt Lil made a mean cherry pie so I’d have to say that’s my favorite! Thanks for this giveaway…you have turned me into a big fan of KAF!

      (PS: I am a US citizen and have US address even though I’m currently overseas.)

    11. says

      The one and only cherry pie I’ve made is probably my favorite. Only because the only other time I’ve had it was in a cheesy diner in Orange County when I was a kid. If a pie is too sickeningly sweet for a 10 year old to eat it? You know it’s bad. ;p

    12. Theresa Sea says

      I love cherry pie! AH! My fave was a slice I had at a little Ma-and-Pops restaurant when I was in college. So yummy!

    13. Crystal Christensen says

      The best Cherry Pie I ever had was one I baked myself. My sister-in-law brought me cherries from her cherry tree, they were very tiny and sour and took forever to pit. However, once I did that and cooked the filling and baked the pie, it turned out amazing. I strongly dislike the commercial cherry pie filling you can buy in the store so I was really hesitant to waste the sugar, flour and lard to make this pie, but am really glad that I did.

    14. Susan H. says

      I can’t remember ever eating a cherry pie I didn’t like. My earliest memories of cherry pie was the cherry cobbler we had in our school lunchrooms. Yum.

    15. Ken G. says

      Best cherry pie was an apple and sour cherry pie with a rustic crust. I got the recipe from a Red Sage cookbook several years ago. Yummmm!

    16. Tricia says

      I’m sad to say that I’ve never baked a cherry pie and have only had the store bakery variety, which pale in comparison to the picture of yours. My dad loves cherry pie and I think I’ll have to print your recipe and give it a try for his 85th birthday. Seems the perfect way to celebrate an All-American WWII vet.

    17. Debby G. says

      The best cherry pie I ever had, was one made following Marcia Adams recipe from Cooking from Quilt Country.

    18. sharonjo says

      My favorite cherry pie is one my mom makes. It has a cheesecake layer on the bottom and cherries on the top–so good. But yours looks scrumptous too!

    19. says

      Oh goodness, where to begin? I grew up in Northern Michigan and we pride ourselves on our cherries. I miss them here in Connecticut. But everyone there made the best cherry pie, if ya know what I mean. Grandma’s was the best, but we would always make an annual trip up to Traverse City to The Cherry Hut during The Cherry Festival to eat and get several pies to go as well. But living here in NE has changed my perspective on flour and now only use King Arthur. When I was growing up in MI, we never even heard of KA flour, so I am now drooling over the thought of KA flour and Michigan cherries. Maybe I will get out there this summer and bring along some KA as well.

    20. Carole Resnick says

      The best cherry pie I had was one I made where I made my own crust and pitted fresh cherries.

    21. karen says

      I have been lucky to be able to find fresh sour cherries for a couple weeks each summer, so the best cherry pies I’ve had are the ones I’ve made myself!

    22. says

      The best cherry pie I ever had was a simple conconction I made from a pate brise, fresh local cherries, raw sugar, and a splash of lemon juice. I made tarts in a cupcake tin and they were gone before they ever made it to the event they were intended for.

    23. says

      My sister made a cherry pie a few years ago for Thanksgiving. She used a homemade crust and canned cherry pie filling, which I usually don’t like. But this was the best cherry pie I’d ever eaten, so I had to know which brand of filling she used. The problem? She couldn’t remember and the trash had already been picked up. I’ve been heartbroken ever since.

    24. June g. says

      I’ve had some real stinkers! I’ve had some almost good ones. Hopefully, I shall find the perfect one someday:)

    25. Wingboy says

      The best cherry pie I’ve ever had was at a small mom and daughter coffee shop in western Kansas. It was cherry-rhubarb and fantastic.

    26. Marge P says

      The best cherry pie I had was when my sister had a cherry tree and made a pie from the fresh cherries.

    27. Jess says

      The best cherry pie i’ve ever had was my own! I made it this past Thanksgiving. It was to die for.

    28. sandyb says

      The best cherry pie I have ever had is the one my Grandma Dicks used to make. She had a bakery and boy could she ever bake. Yum!!!!!

    29. Linda S. says

      My mom’s was the best, of course. She grew up on a farm, and often made pies then. Our neighbors here had a cherry tree, and we picked cherries each year and she made pie.

    30. Cindy B. says

      The best cherry pie I ever had; had a oatmeal streusel topping and a flaky bottom crust. It was a sweet with just the right amount of tartness.

    31. says

      This might sound weird, but I don’t think I’ve ever had cherry pie. Lots of apple pie in my lifetime, but never cherry. But now I’m definitely intrigued as to what I’ve been missing!

    32. Judith says

      I remember having a pretty a cherry pie at a truckstop somewhere in Arizona on a cross country trip to California. The cherries probably came out of a jar but I remember the crust didn’t taste like cardboard.Which is pretty unusual so it stuck in my head.. Never had homemade cherry pie.

    33. says

      I didn’t know today is national cherry pie day, but man does this pie look amazing! I wish I had a huge slice of it right now!

    34. suzanne says

      My grandma used to make the best cherry pie and every other kind of pie. Pie was her favorite thing to bake.

    35. suzanne says

      yikes…I forgot to change my email on the my post at 9:49. This one has my correct email address.

      I am a Bluebonnets and Brownies facebook fan

    36. says

      SCORE I now get to follow you on Pinterest! I follow you and KAF on Facebook and Twitter, I tweeted about the giveaway PLUS I pinned it LOL CUZ I LOVE me some Cherry Pie (and I have three jars of cherries I canned this summer from my mom’s trees left and just made some pie crusts last night… yummy cherry pie) my tweet can be found here –!/AKMamma/status/171797262375202816
      THANKS for EVERYTHING you share with us wanna be foodie bloggers!

    37. Cynthia says

      My favorite pie is the pie I make for my daughter, to honor her request for a cherry pie for her birthday since her birthday is December 29th I had to use frozen cherries. She loved it so much that I make it every year for her birthday.

    38. Katherine Larson says

      The best cherry pie I’ve ever had is one that my mother-in-law made with fresh cherries from one of our neighbor’s tree when she was visiting after our son was born. She is an awesome cook and baker, and has given me a lot of incentive to keep practicing! Something about that sweet and tart deep cherry flavored goodness that just can’t be recreated from commercially canned or frozen cherries. To this day, cherry pie is my favorite and is always my birthday dessert. The crowning glory is KAF sparkling sugar sprinkled on the top before baking. Makes it more beautiful and gives the crisp-flaky crust and extra crunch that is unbeatable!

    39. says

      My best cherry pie was one I made with cherries that I picked myself. I went a little crazy with cherries last summer and picked tons of them.

      This is a great giveaway! I love KAF so much. It’s the only kind of flour that I’ll bake with. I hope to attend one of their classes in Vermont sometime this year.

    40. Allison C says

      I had a slice of cherry pie when we were traveling through Michigan that was bar far the best I have ever had. I can’t remember the restaurant (more like a nice not-so-greasy diner), but I’m salivating just thinking about it. I typically ordered cherry pie when I could because my mom never made it. My older brother didn’t like cherry pie so the rest of us would suffer. Darn them siblings.

    41. says

      GORGEOUS pie, Amber! I loved meeting you at KAF for Blog and Bake – I agree there is nowhere better to learn to beat the fear of pie dough! :)

    42. says

      my aunt made a great cherry pie when I was a child I always looked forward to family gatherings as she would bring some!
      Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

    43. Micaela P. says

      sadly, I can’t even remember when the last time was that I had cherry pie. Obviously, I need to make your recipe & remedy that! The cherry pie that stands out in my memory is the one I used to get at the Spanish bakery I went to with my grandmother as a child in Puerto Rico — La Ceiba. Their pastry cases were a child’s dream!!!

    44. Maryanne says

      I can’t remember ever having a homemade cherry pie. Though I got a cherry pitter for my birthday last year, so I’ll have to try your recipe. Most other ones call for canned cherries, so I’m glad yours uses fresh.

    45. Cynthia says

      I love cherry pie…it is one of my favorites. I hope this will count as anadditional entry as I am refusing to participate in all of these social networks programs. I feel it just takes away face time with my family and friends, which I feel is much more important. I would sit with a friend or family over a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cherry pie (or any other pie for that matter!)and catch up on each others lives. To me those are really the moments that count. Cherrypie and friends and family!

    46. Julia C says

      The only cherry pies I’ve had in US were made with that awful canned stuff. And I’m not surprised, the cherries here are hard to come by. I was born in Eastern Europe, and we had different varieties of cherries. The sour ones were best for cooking. My mom made all kinds of goodies from preserves to varenikys, to crumbles and tarts.

    47. says

      The best cherry pie I’ve ever had was one made by my Aunt on a Thanksgiving a few years ago when all of our family members can gather together for a feast. I think food always tastes better when shared with love ones.

      amy [at] utry [dot] it

    48. TC says

      I’ve only had cherry pie once, at a friend’s house (she is a trained chef). It was fantastic, but I realized that I’m still quite allergic to cherries even after they have been cooked so I have sworn off cherry pies. (I’m mildly allergic to a lot of fruits – cooking them usually takes removes the allergen for me.)

    49. Diane M. says

      My mom used to make a cherry pie every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it was always made with canned cherry filling. It was tasty but too sweet for me. I’ve never tried making my own cherry pie from scratch but your recipe has inspired me!

    50. Holly says

      I can’t even remember when I last had cherry pie. It’s been so long…What I do remember is that it was not homemade, so I would love to try to make my own some day.

    51. Judy says

      The best cherry pies were the ones my grandmother made when I was growing up. Her cherries were picked from a tree in her orchard and the pies were wonderful.

    52. says

      I make cherry pie every year for my husband’s birthday. He doesn’t care for cake, but loves cherry pie. I always use the recipe on the can of cherries. The best one? They all turn out pretty good. I’ve been wanting to try KAF’s pie enhancer. That might turn them from pretty good to great.

    53. Deana Thomas says

      The best cherry pie I’ve ever had was quite a few years ago and it had a cinnamon streusel topping.