Dark Chocolate, Cherry and Pistachio Cookies

More often than not, I cannot leave well enough alone. Whether it’s where a vase sits in the living room, the recipe I can kick up a notch, or even the fonts on this blog – if I think about something for a little too long, I have to change it, make it better.

A few weeks ago you may have clocked a change here on B&B – I finally found some fonts I well and truly loved. So I went back to my developer’s emailed instructions, and patiently set to changing them. Thank the sweet Lord for Chris Graver, is all I have to say.

Chris created the backbone of Bluebonnets & Brownies, took a Photoshop-created mock up I made, and turned it into a reality. He’s an excellent designer, and all around good guy. Every time I email him, he responds cheerily, and he’s always happy to help.

When I decided to mess around with those fonts, I messed a few things up. Chris came to the rescue quick as he could, and fixed it all without even the mention of what I might owe him. I couldn’t let that go by without some sort of thank you.

I thought, “I bet Chris would like some cookies”, and so I created some cookies that are a little like his personality. Sweet and tart, and a little nutty! (Hi Chris!)

I started with my favorite Saucer-sized oatmeal cookie recipe from Pam Anderson’s Perfect Recipe for Having People Over. Seriously one of the best cookie recipes you’ll ever find, people.

Make these cookies for someone who’s been nice to you. Or even someone who hasn’t. It helps to throw ‘em off your trail. ;)


    • says

      Jackie, they’re available at my regular grocery store in the bulk food area. Whole Foods usually has them and so does Trader Joe’s, but you should be able to find Ocean Spray’s version pretty easily or you could sub in dried cranberries.

  1. Michelle says

    Whipped up a batch of these tonite — I think my co-workers will be swooning tomorrow.

    Typical for me, I didn’t have all the mix-ins, so I substituted 2c of Trader Joe’s Trek Mix (macadamias, almonds, cranberries, and candied ginger). YOWZA!!

    I liked that the butter is melted (sometimes I’m impatient or didn’t buy the butter until THAT EVENING) and that there is a huge amount of oats — makes a really chewy cookie.

  2. Michelle (continued) says

    (posted prematurely as the husband was blathering on about the comcast bill)

    I made mine a little smaller — more like golfball sized — to fit eight on a pan with a yield of 50 cookies. Bake for 10 min, rotate the pan, bake for 3 to 4 more minutes. I like mine golden, so 4 was perfect for me, but 3 would leave it a little softer/chewier.

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