Mexican Chocolate Chewy Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Chewies have got to be the easiest cookie I’ve ever made. They were also one of those cookies that, once the batter was done, I kind of worried I’d done it wrong. Would this soupy mixture really come together into a chewy cookie?

I put my trust and faith in Lisa Fain, and she did not let me down. The resulting cookies are crisp at first, but give way to a chewiness that rivals any caramel I’ve eaten.

With just a slight bit of heat from the cayenne, you’ll have friends saying “Oooh, what is that?”

The other thing to love about Mexican Chocolate Chewies is that they’re naturally gluten free without the addition of flours you may not keep on hand. I took them to the Food Bloggers’ Cookie Swap we had here in New York City, as did Justin from Just Cook NYC. Great minds think alike, right? Or maybe we’re just both completely in love with the Homesick Texan Cookbook!

If you’re looking for a last minute cookie to take to a holiday party, this is it. You’ll impress everyone with the chocolate-y deliciousness, and it’s such a unique cookie, it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Maybe I’m just partial because it stars all my favorite Tex-Mex flavors: pecans, cinnamon, chipotle, and chocolate. But then, what’s not to love about that combination?


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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! I made a batch for my family and they loved them. I have a neighbor who is allergic to gluten AND nuts, so I thought I would try replacing the pecans with gluten-free Rice Krispies. Phenomenal!

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      Hey Darlene, that’s right. Just plain egg whites. Don’t whip the egg whites separately. The batter will seem thin, but I promise it works out in the end.

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