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Zagnut Cupcakes

I’m going to preface this post by saying that when I’m stressed, I don’t always make the best food choices. My first experience with a Zagnut candy bar (outside of the movie Beetlejuice) came a few months ago when James and I embarked on a DIY project of sorts.

You see, we overhauled our kitchen two years ago. Completely gutted it, started from the ground up, and moved pretty much everything but the sink (and how that stayed in one spot is pure fluke). Our new cabinets, purchased from the cabinet company my mother works for, came complete with crown molding for above and below the cabinets.

I’m a freak about greasy cabinets, and one scrub too hard on the cabinet above the microwave sent the crown molding on one side of the kitchen all crashing down. Turns out this stuff is usually secured by hot glue. If I’d known that, I don’t think the scrubbing would have commenced quite so vigorously.

One Saturday, James and I devoted the day to putting this crown molding back in place. Not wanting to use hot glue again because (clearly) it doesn’t hold all that well, we tried a few other solutions. Three types of glue, two nails, and four hours later, I found myself at Michael’s craft store, in search of a hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Standing in a line that was too long for words, sweaty and frustrated, I suddenly realized I was starving. Like, stuff my face with anything in sight starving. I looked down, and the bright red packaging of a Zagnut stared back at me. I grabbed one as the line inched slowly forward, and read the ingredients.

If you’ve never had a Zagnut, the inside is basically the same as the inside of a Butterfinger. Flaky, crunchy layers of peanut butter goodness. However, the outside of a Zagnut is toasted coconut and vanilla, with a dusting of cocoa powder for good measure.

Once in the car, I might have done some unladylike hoovering of said Zagnut. I admit nothing, but offer the excuse of stress eating caused by a day of ridiculous DIY. Channeling Jamie and her candy-bar-into-dessert genius, I knew – just knew – I had to make Zagnut cupcakes.

Turns out, Jamie ended up doing more than just allowing me to channel her genius. She came out here to Jersey to visit, (along with Megan, Shaina, and Kristen) to attend the Big Summer Potluck, and ended up basically baking the entire batch. After what Jamie deemed a failure in cookie making, we moved on to Zagnut cupcakes as our dessert du jour to take to BSP.

Luckily, they did the trick. I am in love with the super peanut buttery cake. Topped with a simple vanilla buttercream, we then crumbled Zagnuts on top, and shaved a little Hershey’s chocolate on too. The use of a doctored up cake mix means that these cupcakes are incredibly easy to make.

And according to Erika, just the thing for our afternoon tea at BSP.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering? The hot glue held for about 3 weeks. We’re back to the crown molding leaning against the pantry, while I stare up at an unfinished ceiling every morning as my coffee brews. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Monday 3rd of September 2012

Oh, I haven't had a Zagnut bar in YEARS! There's so few places in South Dakota that sell them, so I swipe tons like a crazy hoarder whenever I see them. I never would've thought of putting them into cupcake form, but as soon as I find some, that's exactly what I'm doing!


Monday 27th of August 2012

I've never heard of a Zagnut bar before - I'll have to look for this. I think peanut butter and chocolate is my most favorite indulgent combination. Gorgeous photos btw.


Monday 27th of August 2012

Thanks, Allison! I'm honestly surprised at how well they turned out. I took them in a 10 minute rush when we were trying to get out the door to the conference. Pure and total luck that the lighting was with me!


Sunday 26th of August 2012

I'm relatively new to the peanut butter & chocolate combination but these cupcakes make me regret all the years I wasted not eating it! I must rectify that ASAP ;)


Sunday 26th of August 2012

Brits have been missing out on it for years, Kathryn, so don't feel bad! My crazy husband is anti-peanut butter, so when I make peanut buttery things, they're all mine mine mine. I'm glad that peanut butter is starting to become more popular in England. When I lived there, the only peanut butter I could find was imported Skippy at 5 quid for a tiny jar. I paid it though. Oh how I paid!

Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel

Sunday 26th of August 2012

Um, how come I've never heard of this amazingness known as a Zagnut before? I LOVE Butterfingers, but if Zagnuts add my all-time fave, coconut, to the mix?? I need them NOW. These cupcakes look rockin', btw!


Sunday 26th of August 2012

You must search them out, Hayley. One phenomenal candy bar. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


Saturday 25th of August 2012

Never had a Zagnut, but it sounds pretty similar to a Chick-O-Stick... or am I totally wrong?


Sunday 26th of August 2012

Hey Michelle - Man, I have't had a Chick-O-Stick in FOREVER! They completely slipped my mind. Zagnuts are identical in texture to chick-o-sticks, but have vanilla extract in them, and a dusting of cocoa powder as well as toasted coconut on the outside, which I think changes the flavor profile slightly. You could definitely use them interchangeably here though, for the cupcake topping.