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Cranberry Orange Yogurt Muffins

You know what’s a yogurt match made in heaven? Cranberry and orange, that’s what. I had the opportunity to first try Redwood Hill Farm’s products at the Big Summer Potluck, and I was stunned by the creamy, tangy goodness of goat’s milk yogurt.

This may sound weird, but I was really excited to see goat milk yogurt. I’ve lived first hand with a loved one with allergies to cow’s milk. For most of my sister’s childhood, she couldn’t eat or drink cow’s milk without getting horrible stomach aches and rashes.

As an infant, she even had to drink goat’s milk instead of breast milk or formula – something my parents had to procure from a little old woman on the opposite side of town with a fleet of goats.

Redwood Hill Farm is doing its part to bring goat milk back into mainstream meal plans. (Did you know the first yogurt was made in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC, from goat milk?)

With delicious flavors ranging from Wild Honey and Vanilla to my favorite, Cranberry Orange, Redwood Hill Farm is making it easy to love goat milk yogurt as much as I love goat milk cheese. And it’s making an appearance in our fridge, and menu, a lot!

That Redwood Hill Farm is one hip place, as far as I’m concerned. They make the pledge that their products are made WITHOUT antibiotics, added growth hormones, GMO’s or toxic pesticides. They don’t contain gelatin, refined sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings.

And get this: the creamery where all the <a href=”Redwood Hill Farm & Green Valley Organics products are made is solar powered. How cool is that?!

These Cranberry Orange Yogurt Muffins are exactly as I envisioned them to be – tangy, tart, and with the perfect crumb. They’re not overly sweet thanks to fresh cranberries, but boy are these muffins HUGE on flavor.

If you don’t have pancake mix on hand, you can substitute self-rising flour for the entire recipe, but if you can make it work, I suggest adding buttermilk pancake mix. Buttermilk only adds to the flavor pop from Redwood Hill Farm’s Cranberry Orange yogurt, and you’re left with an addictive muffin that you’ll want to eat for both breakfast and tea time.

If you’d like to learn more about Redwood Hill Farm or Green Valley Organics, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Look for RHF and GVO products at Whole Foods Market, or buy it online through the Redwood Hill Farm website.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Redwood Hill Farm. I was compensated for recipe development and provided the product as part of recipe development, however I have voluntarily purchased Green Valley Organics and Redwood Hill Farm products with my own money for years. All opinions about the product are my own.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Cranberry Orange Yogurt Muffins – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Sunday 30th of September 2012

Cranberry and orange is one of my favorite combos... That yogurt sounds fabulous, and your muffins look really delish!


Monday 17th of September 2012

Beautiful and they sound soooooo delicious! Looking forward to having a weekend to bake coming up! Thanks so much Amber, you rock!

Erin @ Texanerin Baking

Tuesday 11th of September 2012

Aww, you all have all the neat yogurt flavors in the US. And that does sound like a great company! I wish I had access to their stuff.

I love the crunchy sugar topping on these! Such a simple thing, but I think it always adds a lot.


Monday 10th of September 2012

Cranberry Orange is one of my favorite flavor combinations! And everyone knows I have a weak spot for muffins. These look delicious.

Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

Monday 10th of September 2012

I don't *have* a stash of fresh cranberries from last year- is it fall yet? And I agree, there's just something about goat's milk that's so refreshingly tangy. I think it makes a truly superior yogurt.