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Fruit Desserts

Lemon Soufflé Puddings

Please welcome Casey from Good. Food. Stories. today. She’s been kind enough to guest post for me while I’ve got some family stuff going on. Casey is the biggest food enthusiast I’ve ever met. In terms of history, recipe development, and all around fabulous food, you couldn’t ask for a better source. She’s also an …

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Breakfast Fruit Pizza

Today marks a week of cookbook giveaways on Bluebonnets & Brownies. Just in time for holiday gift giving, the three books I’ll share with you are all books I’m giving to friends this holiday season. Check back on Wednesday and Friday for two more fabulous cookbooks! I’m starting the week off with Pam Anderson’s newest …

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Apple and Gooseberry Pie

You might be asking yourself just what in the Sam Hell a gooseberry is. I first had these tart little beauties at a tiny English Tea room in San Antonio, which is probably the oddest place in the world to have them. They really only grow in cold climates like England and the Northeastern Seaboard …

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