Virtual Baby Shower: Raspberry Lemon Fruit Dip


I'm so so SO very excited for today's post because I get to tell you all about my lovely friend, Jen from My Kitchen Addiction. Jen is a generous, loving soul from sun up to sun down. Every week she's baking something new for her family, her church, or the ... [ Read More ]

Mini Mango Hazelnut Cardamom Bread


Raise your hand if you love mangoes, but they've always intimidated you! Up until a few weeks ago, I would have raised my hand. Every time I've had mango in a restaurant, I've loved it to bits. But I always passed it over in the supermarket - a funny foreign ... [ Read More ]

Breakfast Fruit Pizza


Today marks a week of cookbook giveaways on Bluebonnets & Brownies. Just in time for holiday gift giving, the three books I'll share with you are all books I'm giving to friends this holiday season. Check back on Wednesday and Friday for two more fabulous ... [ Read More ]

Mini Fruit Pizza for Amanda’s Baby Shower


Two of the best things about baby showers: teeny tiny adorable white fluffy baby socks and FOOD. I don't know what it is about the socks. I just melt when I see them. Sure, onesies and bibs with tongue-in-cheek phrases are adorable, but they've got nothing on ... [ Read More ]