Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie Yogurt Pops

Who’s ready for summer? See this girl, raising her hand right here? Yeah. I’m over being cold, I’m over taking a hot water bottle to bed like I’m 90, and I am definitely over looking at the chance of snow for the day.

Sure, I’m a whiner, I’ll fully admit it. Some could say that NJ hasn’t had nearly the hard winter we thought we would. But personally, I starting counting winter when we have the first freezing temps and snow, and that was way back in October, when we had no power from Superstorm Sandy. So yeah.. Winter? I’m over you!

I’m trying to chase away the winter blues by reliving one of our favorite trips in the past couple of years, to the Florida Keys. We had SUCH a blast driving from Boca Raton to Key West, and I can’t remember anything quite so relaxing as wandering along the beach, a few chickens running around (yes, wild chickens!), sharing a frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick.

It was covered in a dark chocolate shell, and so perfectly refreshing on that hot day that it lives fresh in my memory nearly two years later.

Normally, I’m very much anti-chocolate-and-citrus, but there is something magical about the combination of lime and dark chocolate.

When yet another day of sub-freezing temperatures has me at my wit’s end, I decided it was time for magic. Magic and Key Lime Pie.

Only, there’s no room in my fridge for a whole pie, because I’ve got soups and stews taking up that real estate. I present to you my solution for winter doldrums and lack of fridge space: Key Lime Pie Yogurt Pops, covered in Dark Chocolate Magic Shell.

They’re creamy, they’re bright and full of lime, and they come together in mere minutes. If you’re craving warmer climates, beach strolling, and the matching afternoon snacks, let these Key Lime Pie Yogurt Pops take you away to where palm trees sway and chickens roam free in the streets.


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    Yum and yes please, I am also so over winter (as I sit here typing this with my corn bag under the blankets with me)! And I love love love that these use key lime yogurt – one of my favorite yogurt flavors!

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      Me too, Kathryn. Half the time, James accuses me of being clinically dead. And the other day, my touch screen didn’t recognize my touch – my fingers were that cold! This is getting out of control.

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      Shelly, I very nearly added graham cracker crumbs on top of the magic shell, until I realized I didn’t have any graham crackers. You should totally add that if you try it.

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    YES!! I am SO over winter. Enough is enough. These popsicles sound like they’re a welcome little dose of summer. I actually got a zoku maker for Christmas and (gasp!) have yet to use it. But now I have the perfect recipe to try it out! I loooove key lime and I’m also firmly in the citrus-and-chocolate-together camp so this is perfection.

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    TOTALLY with you on getting rid of winter. It’s the first day in a couple of months that the temperature here in France won’t dip below zero today, but in a few days I think I’ll be ready for some of this frozen goodness…. :D

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