Peppermint Bark Brownies

This time of year, I’m a sucker for the seasonal candy. I posted last week about Crinkle Cookies topped with festive candy cane chocolates. I definitely love the holidays and the candy they bring.

But my one true candy love come Christmas time is peppermint bark. In any form I can get it! Every year, James requires a chocolate orange in his stocking, and I require at copious amounts of peppermint bark – in bars, squares, bags, however I can get it! At least we play to each other’s weaknesses, right?

I love biting into the soft chocolate and crunchy peppermint right out of the wrapper, but peppermint bark is also delicious in other things – most notably, BROWNIES!

This recipe is simple and quick. Exactly what you want as you head out the door to a cookie swap or festive party. But being simple and quick doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly, lip-smackingly, morishly good.

What’s your holiday candy crutch?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by or associated with Ghirardelli in any way. I really, truly love their chocolate squares, most especially the Special Edition Peppermint Bark, and use them often in baking.


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