Mint Oreo Truffles

Sometimes, you just need something simple. And chocolate. And more chocolate. Mint Oreo Truffles aren’t mind-blowingly complicated, or even all that original. A quick google search will show you all sorts of different versions of this treat.

The thing is.. I needed an excuse to buy Mint Oreos. I do my best not to bring stuff with High Fructose Corn Syrup in the house. I really do. I even tried the Newman’s Own version of Mint Oreos, and hello toothpaste cookie! Blech.

But Oreos are a weakness. And I wish they’d just take the HFCS out. Oh well – I guess it stops me from buying them too often. Well, except when I want to make Oreo truffles. I cannot tell a lie – we may have eaten two bags of Oreos before I finally made these truffles with the third.

At least that’s three trips to the grocery store, three trips of trudging around, getting all annoyed and huffy with the dude in front of me that is taking up the whoooooole aisle while he decides between Cap’n Crunch and Just the Berries.

That should tell you, at least, that I really really wanted to make these for you! (And me.)

They’re not the prettiest thing, because I’m simply not detail oriented enough to make them look like professional truffles. But they are easy if you don’t care about getting perfect little bon-bons. And oh my, do they satisfy a craving!

I used a tray of Vanilla CandiQuik and some green gel food coloring to play off the mint in the Oreos, making clean up an absolute snap. But you could also use a couple bags of melted white chocolate chips instead.

Do you have a guilty pleasure snack?

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      Oh, ramen. My sister reawakened that demon when I stayed with her for three months. True story: the kids call chicken ramen “Mommy’s Soup”. *shakes head*

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      Aww, Christina, Sara is the NICEST. I got to hang out with her for an entire weekend when I did that King Arthur Flour Blog & Bake. She baked right along with us, and then did a cooking demonstration. She’s exactly like you’d imagine her to be, only lovelier.

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    I typically don’t swoon over mint, but these truffles look divine! My guilty pleasure snack is pretty much anything that involves nutella. :-)

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