SpicesInc.com 6 Spice Set Giveaway

Spices are important to cooking. If I’m honest, when I think about cooking, the addition of spice is really what makes cooking an art and not just burning hunks of meat and vegetable over flame.

Knowing where your spices come from is important. You wouldn’t believe how different Cinnamon from Vietnam is to Cinnamon from China. Knowing the different flavor profiles can allow you to be a better cook, and create exotically delicious baked goods.

When Greg from SpicesInc.com contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in testing out a custom built spice set, I was intrigued. When I received a box of spices that he had put together, just for me, after reading my entire blog, I was intrigued, impressed, and flat out floored.

The box I received included lovely things like Ancho Chili Powder, and my favorite, Hill Country Chili Powder – so named for just what happens to be my favorite part of Texas. You want to get your spices from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Knows where their spices came from, and what that means to you and your cooking.

My adorable, beautiful, wonderful friend Aimee at Simple Bites gives you a more in-depth look at spices, and why you should buy them from someone like Greg with this timely post.

The spices she recommends are exactly the sort of spices love you’ll get from SpicesInc.com. And now, you have the opportunity to win your very own customized set from them!


Would you like to win your very own custom set of 6 spices from SpicesInc.com?

Leave a comment with the following information:

· Choose any 6 spices, herbs, seasonings, chiles or extracts from SpicesInc.com

· Name your Spice Set

· Provide a couple of sentences on why you picked these particular spices. This is especially important!

You must create an original set, with an original name. You must use the names given to each spice on SpicesInc.com

An example of this would be:

Name: Hill Country Harmonies
– Ancho Chili Powder
– Texas Chicken Rub
– Texas Smoked Turkey Rub
– Hill Country Chili Powder
– Fajita Seasoning
– Deep South Dry Rub

I chose this spice set because it reminds me of all the good food I grew up with in South Texas. Fajitas are just as likely to be on my dinner plate as smoked turkey or brisket, and I like my food to have just the right amount of spice. I learned to eat this way from the time I was little – even enjoying spicy barbecue sausage at the age of 3!

The SpicesInc.com will choose the winning entry based on originality, stories, and creative naming abilities. Your spice set will be sent to you, but you will ALSO have your name featured on this new custom set on the SpicesInc.com website. How cool is that?!

This giveaway is provided to you by Spices, Inc. It will close at 11:59:59 p.m. on March 31st. A winner will be chosen by Spices, Inc. on April 1st. I did receive a set of spices chosen by the team at Spices, Inc. to review, but I did not receive any compensation for this post. My opinion of the spices was formed after using them in my own cooking.


  1. says

    Wonderful giveaway! I’d name my set “The Elegant Baker’s Pantry.”

    Dried Rose Petals
    Fleur de Sel
    Himalayan Pink Salt
    Organic Cacao Nibs
    Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
    Organic Lavender

    I picked these spices because I don’t have any of them yet but can only imagine all of the lovely gourmet treats I could bake up using them! I’m picturing elegant brunches, special occasions…the possibilities are endless!

  2. Trudy Medrano says

    1. Chipotle Honey Rub
    2. Adobo Lime Rub
    3. 18 Spice Chicken Rub
    4. Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning
    5. Chipotle Powder
    6. Yucatan Recado Rojo Rub

    Name my Spice Set: That’s One Spicy Enchilada!

    I picked these spices because I do not have anything remotely like them in my pantry. With these spices I can expand my flavor profile and make the most mouth watering dishes (with some kick) to liven up everyday meals! ?

  3. Amy says

    Holy Matrimony
    Chipotle Honey Rub
    Kansas City BBQ Rub
    Little Rock BBQ Rub
    All American Dry Rub
    18 spice Chicken Rub
    Southwest Steak Rub
    This set is sure to “spice up” our marriage. My husband loves his rubs, meat rubs that is! He has always enjoyed being master of the BBQ but has recently discovered smoking and loves to play around with different types of rubs trying to find the perfect combination. This set is sure to excite my master of the BBQ/Smoke pit.

  4. says

    Hello! I was really enamoured with all the offerings at SpicesInc.com! Very tough to choose.

    Name of the set: Around the World in 6 Days!
    1. Chipotle Honey Rub
    2. Caribbean Spice
    3. Montreal Steak Spice
    4. Moroccan Chicken Spice Rub
    5. Salt Free Thai Spice
    6. Paella Seasoning

    I love international foods, but picking the right spices is daunting. I loved that SpicesInc.com has them all together for me and I would have everything needed for my dream “get-away”.


  5. says

    Ground Cumin Seed
    Habanero Flakes
    Cayenne pepper hot heat
    Taco Seasoning

    The Lone Star state is known for it’s wide open skies and friendly folk, but most of all for Tex-Mex.  This cuisine has gained popular as far as France.  The true heart of these dishes is their cowboy kick from spices such as these. 

    I picked these because some are an integral part of my Texas kitchen and some would add some welcome flare and compliment to our dishes.

  6. Lisa says

    memphis style dry rub
    deep south dry rub
    blackened seasoning
    french quarter seasoning
    pork stank

    i chose these spices because we’re so close to spring here in the frigid north, that all i can think about is grilling and would love some heat up in here!

  7. Kim says

    Hill Country Harmonies – reminds me of growing up in the hill country among all the good texmex and bbq. Boy do I miss them.

  8. says

    The Texan Baker:
    1. Ceylon cinnamon
    2. Organic cocoa powder
    3. Ground allspice
    4. Cayenne
    5. Ground chipotle powder

    Texans like their desserts super sweet, but with a little heat, too!

  9. Elaine says

    This would be my HOWDY set!

    Kickin’ chicken
    Chipolte Rub
    Chinese Cinnamon Powder
    Italian Seasoning
    Steak Seasoning
    Coarse Sea Salt

    so many wonderful choices!

  10. says

    The Pregnancy Power Pack

    Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon
    Organic Cocoa Powder
    Pasilla Chile Powder
    Cajun Rub
    Sweet Chili Powder
    Ras El Hanout

    I’ve chosen this spice set because pregnancy is a fickle thing. I find myself comforted by baking breads and cookies, while craving the spiciest and most exotic savory foods I can get my hands on. I think I could use each one of these spices to create 6 different dishes that would satisfy any craving I’ve had throughout the past 8 months. I could also whip them all into one dish that just might make me so satisfied I’d go into labor on the spot. I know is might sound strange to combine Ras El Hanout with Organic Cocoa Powder, but it’s definitely not as strange as pickles and ice cream!

  11. says

    Cha Cha Chocolate

    Organic Cocoa Powder
    Ceylon Cinnamon
    Ancho Chile Powder
    Chipotle Powder
    Vanilla Bean
    Chipotle salt

    Cha Cha Chocolate is the perfect way to enjoy hot chocolate on a winters’ evening. It’s a great treat year round! I drink it at breakfast for a spicy wake me up.

    The great thing about this blend is that they can also be used for baking cakes, cookies or cupcakes. I also use the spices individually when cooking and am rarely without them in my cupboard! Y’all should give it a try! Thank you Spices Inc for letting me share my favorite hot chocolate with you.

  12. says

    Baker’s Advantage
    Whole Cardamom Pods
    Vanilla Beans
    Vanilla Extract
    Ceylon Cinnamon
    Whole Nutmeg
    Ginger Powder

    I love to bake and I’ve heard that using good quality spices really makes a difference in the end result of baked goods. I’d love to use the freshest and best ingredients (including grating my own nutmeg, etc), to truly give my baked goods that extra advantage. In addition, I would like to do a side by side taste test of baked goods with one using fresh quality spices and another using store brand off the shelf spices!

  13. says

    Bake Me A Memory

    Organic Allspice
    Organic Vanilla Beans
    Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
    Organic Cardamom Pods
    Organic Ginger Powder
    Nutmeg Whole

    I really do believe that baking is an adventure and the joy is in the journey, not always the final destination. Sometimes we are creating from old memories, held dear to us, and other times we are making new memories. I would love to try some organic spices and see how wonderful they taste in my baked goods, and they are very hard to get here.

  14. Annette says

    The Perfect Date

    All American Dry Rub
    Apple Pie Spice
    Granulated Honey
    Organic Cocoa Powder
    Vanilla Extract
    Vegetable Soup Mix

    Whether you have a plan for a great night out, or an even sweeter breakfast in bed, this set has all the basics to make the perfect date meal. This set makes it possible to snack by a fire, barbecue at the lake, tailgate at the game or tempt someone with a sweet dessert. The All American Dry Rub can be used to grill in any kind of weather, vegan or meat lovers. The Vegetable Soup Mix can also make appetizers and side dishes. Combinations of the four baking spices – Apple Pie Spice, Granulated Honey, Organic Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Extract – can ensure a happy ending that is either eaten or drunk, depending on your mood and the weather. In short, this is the perfect combo for the first, second or “mine forever” date.

  15. Dustin says

    Like I Like My Women:
    -Habanero Flakes
    -Cayenne Pepper Hot Heat
    -Ancho Powder
    -De Arbol Powder
    -Ground Serrano
    -Chipotle Powder

  16. Allison says

    Name: Where Southern Belle meets Ciao Bella
    – Smoked Paprika (Sweet)
    – Basil (sweet)
    – Deep South dry rub
    – Mediterranean Cyprus Flake Salt
    – Tomato Powder
    – Seafood Boil

    Sweet polenta bread next to pulled pork, and olive/cheese focaccia served alongside a Lowcountry boil…having been raised in an Italian household in the middle of South Carolina, it took me a while to realize that the combinations of food which frequently highlighted our family gatherings each week was not the product of an average culinary experience. Since then, I have come to find that there are more similarities between the classic Southern American and Italian cultures than one may think. With a deep devotion to family and community, people of both cultures strive to find the best qualities of life, much of which can be found in their sought-after culinary traditions. Unlike most busy societies who spend much of their time living to work, Southerners and Italians work to live. A recent adventure of mine has been to experiment with new fusion dishes which combine the classics of both worlds…corn fritters and mozzarella stuffed zucchini flowers, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Osso Bucco over grits…I hope to one day publish a cookbook or open a restaurant highlighting these flavors, but until then an original spice set would be good enough for me!

  17. Diane says

    Superb Salads

    Sensational Salad Seasoning
    Italian Seasoning
    Tuscany Bread Dipping Seasoning
    Grade A1 Poppy Seed
    Garlic Herb Seasoning
    Salt Free Thai Spice

    I love to make my own salad dressings and this set of spices is so versatile. Start with a base of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream, or mayonnaise and add your seasoning of choice. It’s that simple! Want a sweeter dressing, add sugar, agave syrup, or honey to the mix. Need a dressing with a more fruity flavor, add some orange, lemon or lime juice. The possibilities are endless!

  18. Sarah says

    Happy Cooking Hubby

    Creole seasoning
    Ceylon Cinnamon
    Yellow mustard seed powder
    smoked paprika
    Vanilla beans
    Ground white pepper

    I couldn’t resist listing the spices my husband loves the best. He’s a fan of anything creole, my amish friendship bread, and our house seasoning (Mustard powder, paprika, salt and sugar). We both love baked goods made with vanilla and he’s got a great recipe for chicken alfredo with white pepper. Maybe he’ll make more for me if he gets this great spice set!

  19. Debbie LaFreniere says

    Flavors of India

    Sweet Curry Powder
    Garam Masala
    Cardamom Pods
    Organic Brown Mustard Seeds
    Coriander Seed
    Cumin Seed

    I chose these six spices for their usefulness in cooking curries and dishes from India. Aromatic and earthy, Indian dishes comfort like no other!

  20. says

    My mix would be called THE SAN FRANCISCO TREAT.

    They represent tastes that have made – and continue to make San Francisco Famous. Of course, they would feature as many of the organic spices from the collection as possible.

    The San Francisco Treat
    1. Organic Bay Leaves. It begins with “bay!” And it is a key ingredient to the original “rice-a-roni” from the DeDeomenico recipe.

    2. Pasilla Chile Powder to make taste stews and mole from San Jose all the way to San Francisco

    3. Organic Saigon Cinnamon Sticks to be used in Tartine’s Morning Bun Recipe, arguable one of the most famous bakery recipes in the entire city. (available online – be sure to look it up!)

    4. Organic Garlic – direct from Gilroy.

    5. Pacific Sea Smoked Sea Salt – folks don’t know, but the Bay Area was one of the the original producers of salt. This Pacific Salt, with Northwest Alderwood represents us well

    6. Chinese Five Spice, the base of Chinese cooking – sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory. We have the largest variety of Chinese cooking in the Bay area.

  21. says

    Mmm–My spice blend, which would be awesome on freshly-caught Ozark trout and other fish, would be called: Ozarks Original. The Ozarks provide a bounty of fish and other wildlife for those of us fortunate to live here. I can even picture this on fresh, wild turkey. Mmmm.
    Ozarks Original Blend:
    Smoky Citrus Salt
    Hungarian Paprika
    Black and White Peppercorn Blend
    Organic Granulated Garlic
    Organic Dillweed
    Organic Onion Flakes

  22. Christopher Sorel says

    Rub they Meat
    BBQ time is coming in the north and the rubs up here are weak. Need me some from around the US to get my spice loving meat done right.

    Chipotle honey rub
    Coco Chile Rub
    Kansas City BBQ Rub
    Memphis Style Dry Rub
    North Carolina BBQ rub
    St Louis Rib Rub

  23. says

    What A Crock (pot)!

    Poultry Seasoning
    Thyme Leaf
    Bay Leaf
    Granulated Garlic
    Sea Salt

    I chose this grouping of spices because if a cook has these on hand, she can make a delicious, comforting, easy meal in the slow cooker with minimal effort and maximum flavor.

  24. says

    The SPICE is right!
    Tahitian Vanilla Beans
    Korintje Cinnamon
    Hamalayan Pink Salt
    Chipotle Flakes
    Organic Group Allspice

    You can’t go wrong with these elegant staples. Every kitchen should have the right spices :)