Strawberry Banana Bread

I’m always on the quest for ways to use black bananas. We have this problem where our grocery store gets really really green bananas, and they seem to go from deep green to black, without a middle stage. We really should stop buying them like that, but it’s a hard habit to break. For us, bananas are a staple of every grocery trip.

This last trip, I also bought strawberries for a separate recipe I was making that will appear in the coming weeks. I only ended up using a few of them though. Now, strawberries are not going to go to waste in this house, but when StumpleUpon drops you on a recipe for Strawberry Banana bread, and you just happen to have black bananas and strawberries in your kitchen at the same time, I think the Universe is trying to tell you something.

I really really like this bread. Sometimes, banana in baked goods can get overwhelming and sickly. However, for this bread, the strawberries are an equally flavorful component, and balance the bananas perfectly. The bread is incredibly moist. Almost too moist, so I’ve actually dialed back the total amount of strawberries in the recipe from the original. Especially if you use frozen strawberries, you need to watch the liquid quotient of the recipe so that you don’t end up with gummy bread.



  1. says

    We have the same problem with bananas! In fact I have some sitting on the counter in the black stage right now. I need to pick up some strawberries so I can make this bread. It sounds perfect for breakfast warmed up and slathered with butter.

  2. says

    Bananas are also a regular buy for us each week. Thus, there’s banana bread or muffins quite regularly, and we never seem to tire from them. Combined with strawberries…sounds awesome! I know our family would like this – thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Read your previous post. Loved it. You are not a bad Texan, just a busy one. And you did Texas proud in your writing.

    Rudy’s turkey got me through my last few months of my pregnancy, I’m surprised my son wasn’t drinking the sauce from his baby bottle!

    Love this banana bread-never had strawberry banana bread. Sound delish!

  4. says

    Bananas are always a part of my weekly shopping trip too. I’d love to try some fresh strawberries in my banana bread next time – it’s definitely a winning combo.

  5. says

    Wow!!! looks good!!! and the recipe doesn’t seem to be very much complicated….I am going to try that one right now!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Christa says

    I just made this and it was delicious! I was so excited to find a recipe for banana bread that also included strawberries (they were both getting ready to go bad!) I followed the recipe exactly, but in my oven, it took 70 minutes to cook. In the last ten minutes I turned the oven down because it was getting too brown on the sides and top, but still not fully cooked in the middle. Other than that, when I sliced into it, it was delicious! I can’t wait to eat it for breakfast in the morning!

  7. Dawn DeVinney says

    I just made this recipe & I can’t wait to eat it! It made the house smell so yummy! I did take pictures before it gets eaten … LOL! Thank You! Love your site, too! :)

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