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Super Bowl

My Imaginary Super Bowl Party

You can count this as really cool or really crappy. I am going to count it in the really cool category: this year, the entire country will be throwing parties for my birthday. Well, I should probably rephrase that. They’ll be throwing parties on my birthday. This year, my birthday lands on Super Bowl Sunday.

James really kinda likes American Football, as he calls it, but doesn’t follow it religiously. I’m much more a basketball girl. (Go Spurs Go!) Growing up in a town where there’s only one major sports league team, those colors (black and silver) run deep. To this day, my favorite athlete is David Robinson (known as The Admiral to San Antonio Spurs fans), and he’s been retired for over ten years. So it didn’t even occur to us when the Super Bowl would be, where the Super Bowl would be, or why we would even need to know. And that’s how we came to book a vacation to Dallas-Fort Worth, the same weekend that the Super Bowl is being held there. Oops.

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