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Pulled Pork Marsala Stroganoff

Believe it or not, a lot of the time, I don’t use recipes. I let the ingredients guide me. Case in point: the delicious creation you’re feasting your eyes on just above these words. After a trip to Trader Joe’s, I had a new bottle of Marsala wine. I’d never really cooked with it, though I always enjoy eating food created with it. Armed with Marsala inspiration, I thought I would start with the bog standard, Chicken Marsala. But a grocery miscalculation left me with no suitable chicken in the house. What I did have was a whole heck of a lot of pork loin chops, and some button mushrooms.

Enter the crock pot. I know, I know, I’ve been cooking a lot with this thing lately! But honestly, if you’re not already on the slow-cooker train, you *should* be. It helps you to avoid the Ramen Blues. My favorite thing about slow cooking is just how little preparation it takes to make something truly masterful.

Like I said, this meal wasn’t really “planned”. Basically, I threw the protein, veg, wine, and stock into the slow cooker and let it fly. And fly it did. When the pork was so tender it fell apart, I removed it from the slow cooker, and then added a bit of cream and sour cream to the stock and mushrooms, and thickened it with a roux. Everything went “back into the hot tub”, as Rachael Ray likes to say, after the pork had been pulled. And then it was all layered on top of spiral pasta, and accompanied by simple crisp steamed green beans.

James and I both loved it, hoovering this all-new comfort food in like it was going out of style. But I can always tell if a recipe should make it here to the blog based on James’s “Coworker Envy” meter. You see, a lot of them don’t cook, or have partners who cook. So whenever James goes in with leftovers, he gets the once over. Sometimes the twice over. And if it smells really REALLY good, he gets the “Hey… what IS that?”. With this meal? One coworker said “You should marry her.” He said, “I already did!”, and the coworker said, “I know. Do it again.”. Hah.

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