Quick Beer Pizza Crust

If you love to bake, I hope you know who King Arthur Flour is. I’ve waxed poetic on why their flour is some of the best in the business, and they’re the only flour I use in my kitchen. Did you know King Arthur Flour has a blog too? The talented bakers at King Arthur Flour take to WordPress and post some pretty awesome recipes each week.

When PJ Hamel’s Quick Beer Pizza Crust came through my RSS feed, I knew I had to make it. I’ve had years of pizza experience – worked for some famous chains and some family owned pizza restaurants all through high school. But it’d been a long time since I felt the pillow-y softness of perfectly proofed dough in my hands.

Kneading dough can be a fantastically cathartic experience. Making this pizza crust brought back all those friend-filled after-school-job days, the days when I first realized I simply loved making food for people.

The addition of beer in pizza crust is both inspired and insane. Insanity in that James and I could NOT stop eating it.

You can use any pizza toppings you’d like, but I highly recommend our choices: marinara sauce, leftover grilled curry chicken, diced small (we used a pre-marinated package from Trader Joe’s), mushrooms, fresh basil, and lots of cheese.


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      Seriously. SO good! When I opened it, I said to James, “OMG. It smells like Papa John’s circa 1998!” (when I worked there).

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      Thanks, Lisa. The beer really gives that crust an excellent tang. And I love how it develops so quickly. Usually you need to let dough develop overnight to get that much flavor.

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      Thank you! It was pretty darn spectacular, but I can only thank King Arthur Flour for sparking the beautiful pizza.

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      Katrina, so are we! We’re thinking this is going to become a weekly tradition.. or maybe bi-weekly. Whatever my thighs can handle!

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    This sounds absolutely fantastic. I think it’d be wonderful on the grill with some fresh mozzarella and basil…mmmm.

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    Well, I love beer bread and I love pizza, so think this is a must try. Funny thing..I don’t like beer but I love the flavor of it in a baked product. I’m not a red sauce girl but can even now imagine this with artichoke hearts, garlic and basil. Now I’m hungry.

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      Barb, I’m exactly the same way. I love a good ice cold hard cider, but beer? No thanks. Unless it’s in food. Then I’m all over it.

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    I have been a fan of KAF for a long time but I just recently was able to buy their flour and you are right it’s the best! I will be trying this crust ASAP!

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      Miss, if you have trouble finding it again, remember that you can order it online. It really is worth the shipping. I had a 25 lb bag shipped to me at one point, and I was shocked that it only cost about $14 to ship, including all the other stuff I bought. Or catch ‘em when they’re offering free shipping. The white whole wheat is awesome.

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        I was just saying I wish I could get it in 25 lb sacks like I do at Sams Club! I’m heading to their site now to check it out. Thanks.

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    I had bought the ingredients to this over a week ago. Followed your FB recommendation for it and found it on KA site. Can’t wait to try it! Hubs ate pizza for lunch when I had planned on making it for dinner. Grrrrrr!

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      Oh those husbands, they do inconvenient thins sometimes! I think I probably would have made it anyway. :P Let me know how you love it!

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      CK, I used Smuttynose IPA, but KAF used Pabst. I honestly don’t think it matters, other than to just know that whatever you use will have pronounced flavor in the dough. For example, when I’ve made beer bread in the past, I once used Blue Moon, which is very citrus-y and also has banana-like notes. When my bread came out, I got the distinct impression of bananas, which was NOT what I wanted with my chili! Usually the manufacturer will tell you if there are strong notes in a beer – so just pay attention to those when you choose.

  5. Heidi says

    Tried it and loved it! however I notice on the king Arthur site they add semolina flour but you did not include in your recipe above. did you do this on purpose as the crust seemed great without the addtl semolna flour?

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      Heidi, I didn’t have semolina on hand, so I didn’t use it. In the notes on the KAF recipe, it says to use all AP if you don’t have semolina on hand. Most home cooks won’t, so I didn’t bother including it when I reposted the recipe with my adaptations. I think it’s perfect without it.

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    Hi Amber,
    Thanks for your kind words. We may have given you the inspiration, but the hard work and great pizza were all you!

    Hope you try my favorite combo; caramelized onion, roasted asparagus, sausage and ricotta. OH my!

    Happy baking ~ MaryJane @ KAF