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Sunday Suppers – Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sliders

Just the phrase Sunday suppers brings up a lot of memories for me. When I was a kid, we spent a lot of our time at my grandparents’. If you’ve read my blog before, you know how incredibly close to my Nanny and Gaga I was. We didn’t just spend Sundays there, during the summer we spent every day there. During those summer months, our entire family gathered around the dining table every lunchtime together. Not just my mom and dad, but my uncles, my aunt, and sometimes a friend or two as well.

Believe me, I know how lucky I was to have family meals like that every single day of my childhood. When we were with my Nanny, we helped her prepare lunch for everyone, whether it was sandwiches and soup (grilled cheese and tomato soup with Pepsi was always my Uncle Mark’s request) or S.O.S., which is one of Nanny’s. There almost always was fresh produce from her garden on the table, picked by us girls when we got out of the pool from our morning swim. Man, how I miss spending my entire day in my bathing suit, and going to bed at night sun-kissed and smelling of sunblock and chlorine.

Let me tell you something: Every single meal that I’ve made out of Pam Anderson’s Perfect One Dish Dinners has conjured up those same memories of lunchtimes spent at Nanny and Gaga’s. You see, it didn’t matter who was there at the lunch table with us. There was always enough food.

The electrician that came to repair something got there early? No problem – sit down to lunch, sir. Uncle Charlie decided to come in early from his ranch? No problem, here’s a plate. That’s how it always is with my nan. She’ll feed everybody that walks through her door. And she’s always the last one to sit down at the table, making sure everyone else is fed and watered before she can enjoy her own food. Because she simply can’t enjoy her food unless she knows everyone else is.

It’s that kind of hospitality that has me reaching for Pam’s book over and over again. I wrote about it when I shared the shells and cheese recipe back in September. I didn’t know what to make to please the particular crowd I had in front of me, but Pam sure did. These pulled barbecue chicken sliders go along with that mac and cheese. And using a rotisserie chicken gets the job done in half the time, and tastes like homemade.

Sunday suppers, people. It’s a tradition that never ought to go out of style. And it’s one that’s easy to start up again if you have this book in your arsenal. It’s not on the New York Times Best Seller list for nothin’.

Perfect One-Dish Dinners are making the rounds all over. Check it out!
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Monday 8th of November 2010

This sounds like the perfect meal. I have always been a big fan of Sunday suppers. I also love that you call it supper!


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

Sliders, that is a family favorite in our house. Trader Joes was selling the cutest little slider buns this summer, I wonder if they still have them around?


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories...they sound perfect! As do the chicken sliders and mac and cheese! (Do you hear my tummy rumbling!!) I echo you in saying the book is a great fit for busy days...allowing folks to still have wonderful meals!

Tickled Red

Monday 25th of October 2010

I love those trips down memory lane as well. Thanks so much for sharing your Nanny. By the way my dad is going to do flips over those sliders. I promised to let him borrow Pam's cook book :)

Paula -bell'alimento

Monday 25th of October 2010

Family Dinners are SO important!I love this book. You're right, It's not on the NYT Best Seller List for nothin' ; )