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Schoolbread Cupcakes

I have to know: Are James and I the only couple that have contests about who got the better food when you go out to eat? Usually, James wins at “Dinner”. I don’t know why that is, but he does. I, however, recently won at “Dessert”. It’s one of the biggest wins I’ve had in a while.

We strolled through EPCOT (that’ll be the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) in the days before my 30th birthday, enjoying the balmy Florida February. Oh, how I miss that weather now.

Anyone who’s been to Epcot will tell you, if you start in Canada, by at least Japan you’re going to want a nibble. The food at Epcot is one of the best things about that park. Because there are 11 countries to choose from, with native (or as native as it can be in Central Florida) food, you honestly can’t go wrong, no matter which country’s pavilion you choose to eat in.

One thing we’d never tried was Norway’s bakery, Kringla Bakeri og Cafe. We’d always chosen France’s Patisserie instead. Let me tell you what: it may have been a sleeper of a choice, but OH HOLY MOSES WOW.

Our first visit, James got the cream horn. It looked a whole heck of a lot like a cannoli. Tasted like one too. But I, I took a chance on something called Schoolbread. It’s a sweet bun, with vanilla custard running through the center, a sweet glaze and toasted coconut on top. I’m not ashamed to say that during our visit, I became slightly (okay, more than slightly) obsessed with it. I guess because it’s the first time I’d ever had cardamom in a baked good. Sure, I’ve had cardamom plenty of times in curries. But I’d never even held the basic spice in my hand, so it never crossed my mind that it would be good for something other than curries.

Upon return from Florida, my mind continued to wander back to Schoolbread. Could I make it at home? Maybe. But yeast breads have never really been my thing. James is much better at that sort of baking.

Now cupcakes. I can whip up a mean cupcake. What to do here: could I really put custard through the middle of the cupcake? What about icing? Glaze surely wouldn’t be enough to carry this new texture through.

I’m here to tell you: not only did it work, it. Is. PHENOMENAL. Flat out, one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. I don’t say that lightly.

I started with Martha Stewart’s Snickerdoodle Cupcake Recipe. We all know Martha makes a fabulous cupcake. But just this once, I thought maybe I could one up ol’ Martha. Using the Schoolbread recipe found on the DisneyFoodBlog, I sort of combined the two to make this flavorful and unique treat. You’ll have to let me know if I succeeded.

I did make fresh vanilla custard to fill the middle of the cupcakes. But in future, I may just use vanilla pudding. It’s quicker and easier, and I don’t think the taste would be much different.

I highly recommend sticking with a more light and airy icing. Using ready made icing, or cream cheese or butter cream frosting, would be too heavy for this cupcake, given it already has vanilla custard going through it. The 7 Minute Frosting offers just the right amount of sweetness to temper the cardamom but also give you the properly frosted taste and texture you want when you have a cupcake.

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Monday 9th of August 2010

Oh my what a beautiful photo, that look so good! My husband and I always compare notes out as well to see who get the better Often we both win! All the better. Hope you had as great a time as I did Saturday - nice site!!

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