Fair Trade Week :: Fair Trade Breakfast Bread

You hear a lot of discussion in the news, on food blogs, and in grocery stores about organic food. Organic food is something my husband and I try to buy as much as we can, mostly because we think it tastes better, and because we prefer our food pesticide free. Another label that I think occasionally gets overlooked is food that is Fair Trade Certified.

Fair Trade is exactly that – making sure that the farmers, and by extension, farm workers, are paid fairly for their products. Fair Trade USA (@FairTradeUSA) is a non-profit organization, but they are not a charity. Instead, they work to make sure that growers around the world have the knowledge needed to operate in the marketplace and get a fair price for the food they produce.

October is Fair Trade Month, and for the next week, I’m going to show you as many ways as I can for you to integrate Fair Trade products into your grocery cart. I think you’ll be happily surprised at just how often you can support the Fair Trade initiative with purchases that make your family smile.

I received a box chock fully of goodies from Fair Trade USA to play around with, and what better way to enjoy them than a breakfast bread full of all sorts of delicious Fair Trade goodness?

I built the recipe around the most intriguing (to me) ingredient in the box, Fair Harvest Foods Banana Acai Spread. This stuff is billeted as a dessert sauce, a spread for toast, or even a quick snack on crackers. So why not the star ingredient for a breakfast quick bread?

This bread also features Fair Trade honey, chocolate chips, and even Green Mountain Fair Trade Columbian Coffee. In fact, one of the reasons that I love GMC as much as I do is their commitment to Fair Trade.

I’ll be talking more about them later this week, along with an exciting giveaways tomorrow for a box of Fair Trade goodies, and on Thursday for a Keurig Mini Plus brewer! Make sure you keep checking in!

I was provided with a box of Fair Trade Certified goods to sample for free. I have not been compensated for this post, nor was I asked to create this recipe. All opinions are my own.


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