Easter Bunny Bait

Easter in our family has always meant a day spent together with good food, card games, and Easter egg hunts. We’re not an overly religious family, so any religious holiday has typically been spent just appreciating each other as a family and being thankful that we have each other.

I hope that it’s obvious from this food blog, one of my favorite ways to love my family is to make them yummy food. While I was in San Antonio, my sister and I became kind of obsessed with Peanut Butter Cheerios. Then I started seeing commercials for that new chocolate-filled Krave cereal, and I instantly knew that the two had to be put together somehow.

I don’t know about you, but I love love love snack-y foods. Crunchy, sweet and salty? I’m in. (See: Frito Jets) Peanut Butter Cheerios and Double Chocolate Krave cereal just naturally lend themselves to party mix. I decided to create a Chex Mix-Puppy Chow hybrid with them.

Riffing off the Reindeer Chow appearing on blogs around Christmas, I thought it would be fun to make Easter Bunny Bait to convince that little guy to leave extra chocolate eggs for all of us good boys and girls.

As the English say, this Easter Bunny Bait is incredibly “moreish”. Meaning you want to eat more and more and more of it.

In addition to the peanut butter Cheerios, double chocolate Krave cereal, the mix includes sourdough pretzels, Easter M & Ms, chocolate peanut butter nut mix, more chocolate and peanut butter, and the whole shebang is covered with powdered sugar, like Puppy Chow.

I could have eaten the whole bag, but luckily I came to my senses and sent it to work with James. Happy Spring, my friends! Enjoy the sunshine and lots of peanut butter and chocolate.


    • says

      You’re a silly sausage :) (yet another British phrase) It was pretty damn addicting. I’m glad it’s not in the house anymore, or I’d be eating it right now. And my hips might not appreciate me.

    • says

      Raquel, good luck with giving the pacifiers to the Easter Bunny. I remember how that was with my nephew. You’ll need the extra chocolate and sugar, both of you!

  1. Jenny W. says

    Great idea! I just mentioned “Easter Bunny Bait” and the kids went wild, lol! We make reindeer chow every year for Christmas why not for the Easter bunny;)

  2. Cindy E says

    Not only did I love the Bunny Bait-but I also love the serving dishes you have them displayed in!! (I love dishes and interesting bowls!) Any chance you could let me know where you found them?

    • says

      Cindy, I got those at a little shop in the French Quarter a few weeks ago, called Roux Royale. Their facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roux-Royale/219714451383759

      They don’t have online ordering, but possibly they’ll sell you them over the phone and ship them. I fell in love with those bowls so much that I required going back before we left town on our way back to New Jersey just so I could buy them!

  3. Renee Adams says

    Hi Amber,

    I too, would love to know where to find the fleur de lis bowls you used to display the Easter Bunny Bait? Thank you, Renee’

  4. says

    Your little dishes have caught my eye too, very unique! I love the idea of bunny bait, I’m sure I could eat it all and not share one bit!

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