Homemade Panera Bread Ham and Swiss Soufflés

Since we moved out into the ‘burbs of New Jersey, James and I have had sort of a weekend tradition going on. We go to breakfast at Panera Bread, usually on a Saturday. Now don’t get me wrong – I love nearly every single thing on Panera Bread’s menu – but I had never really settled on a “go-to” breakfast item until a few weeks ago when I suddenly noticed the baked egg soufflés in their baked goods case.

How I missed these before, I don’t know. But they are, as far as I’m concerned, breakfast perfection. My favorite is the Ham and Swiss Baked Egg Soufflé. The right amount of protein, plus the sweet flakiness of croissant? P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

It kind of bums me out that you can only get these little eggy baskets of win for breakfast. I’d love to be able to get them for dinner too. That’s when I decided to try and make them at home.

Last Saturday, I set out with a copycat recipe created by author Todd Wilbur for Panera’s Spinach Artichoke Baked Egg Souffle. Not being a fan of artichokes, I knew I had to recreate the Ham & Swiss version if I could.

For the Brit’s soufflé, I added extra black cracked pepper and minced fresh red pepper. As he devoured his breakfast about half an hour after I started out, the words “perfection”, “glorious”, and “magnificent” left his lips around rather large bites of food. I don’t think he was even talking to me, but to the soufflé in his hands. I think he might just be a fan.

We still love Panera’s version, and won’t be leaving behind our weekend breakfast traditions any time soon, but now I can have my Ham & Swiss Baked Egg Soufflé for dinner if I want too. That makes me one happy camper.

I think you’ll love them too. You can add anything you want to the egg mixture. Think of it as an omelet inside a croissant, if you want. The ingredient world is your oyster, my friend. But try Ham and Swiss at least once. It’s a classic combination for a reason.

Homemade Panera Bread Ham and Swiss Soufflés
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Homemade Panera Bread Ham and Swiss Soufflés
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  1. says

    Mmmmm! Yummy! I will have to try these. They remind me of an item we used to make in Culinary School. We’d take croissant dough and place ham, gruyere, bechamel and spinach in the center and fold the dough over. It was amazing. Can’t wait to try this!

  2. Chef says

    As a baker at Panera I can tell you that your recipe is far better than anything you can get at Panera. (Really all it is is frozen egg mix, sliced ham and swiss cheese)

  3. says

    I’ve yet to have the pleasure of eating at Panera Bread, but my Dad talks about it all the time! Now I can have it at home. These look super fantastic!

  4. says

    I’ve never had Panera, so I am excited to have a chance for at least the DIY version. I have a sad tale for you btw, the DH will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT touch an egg!

  5. says

    Hi Amber! I had one of these this morning after an early morning hockey session and I just have to say “YUM!” I came home and did a search and after seeing several using puff pastry (huh?) I saw that you had this recipe posted. Since I regard you as a trusted source, I will be giving this a try in the very near future. I hope it is ok if I post on my blog and link back to you. I’m new at this blogging thing, so I hope that is acceptable. Thanks for the great blog. Happy New Year! Lisa

  6. Renaire says

    I can’t wait to make this for my mum’s birthday! Great recipe, but I have one question. I know you said the ramekin measurements should be 4×4 but how deep is it? I have the 4×4’s but they seem shallow compared to yours. Thanks for any help :)

    • says

      Renaire, I had to find a measuring tape! Hah. They’re about 2 1/2 inches deep. I think a more shallow ramekin will still work, you’ll just have more crust at the top. I hope your mum has a wonderful birthday. But then, she’s off to a great start – her daughter’s making her breakfast!

  7. Renaire says

    Thank you so much! I’ve been measuring for the past hour until I decided to ask you *why didn’t i just do that* lol. I have a Panera Bread pretty close by but I really wanted to add things she loves. Hopefully I can be as successful as you’ve been. Thanks again.

  8. says

    Completely forgot to post after my b’day brunch for my mom. They were so delicious everyone talks about them every Saturday morning! Only had a few tweaks; used chopped turkey sausage and bell peppers with aged cheddar, and instead of microwaving the eggs I cooked them in the skillet until they were 80-90% cooked and then put them in the ramekins. Thanks again!

  9. lori says

    Just had the swiss and ham souffle at panera for the 1st time! I was drooling, I loved it. Thanks so much for the recipe as I agree, this souffle would be great for dinner as well. Lori :)

  10. okprepper says

    I tried this recipe 3 times and each time a tiny tweak. I keep buying Panera to compare them. This recipe although fabulous is NOT Panera’s recipe by a long shot. I precook my eggs less each time and increase baking time slightly making the texture and crust falling into a slightly more liquid center is similar to a Chicken Pot Pie than a crescent surrounding an well done omelet. To each their own but the precooking time greatly changes the texture of the final product. My changes are- Double spinach, 1/2T Parmesan on top of the covering dough and a pinch of sugar to the mix. Less precooking the eggs because of texture and the dough has never falling into the egg mixture yet.

    • says


      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, though as you can see from other comments left here by Panera employees, Panera actually uses powdered eggs for their souffles. Using real egg instead is never going to give the same results.

      I will also mention that this recipe was adapted directly from a “copycat recipe” commissioned BY Panera Bread by a chef. The only things I changed were the add-ins – the ham, cheese, and red pepper.

      I am glad to hear you’ve made this recipe your own, and I really like the idea of Parmesan to top the dough.

      – Amber

      • Em says

        They only thing I can eat from Panera bread is the four cheese souffle, I LOVE them. So I was very excited to find this recipe! Looks like you did an amazing job. I tried to make them tonight and its was ok but just not as good as Panera. I can’t figure out if it was the cresent or if i cooked the eggs a little to long. I will keep trying because I don;t live my a panera anymore. And they cost so much to buy. Thanks for posting this recipe.

  11. Rebekah says

    I made these today and we were very disappointed. On a scale of 1-10 I would only give this a 4 or 5. The crescent dough is not like the pastry of panera, and the filling doesn’t taste the same either. I’ll keep searching and experimenting.

    • says

      I’m really sorry you didn’t care for the recipe, but I appreciate you leaving the feedback. We didn’t seem to experience the same thing, and as I said in the post, the recipe is adapted from a recipe commissioned from a chef specifically by Panera Bread. Maybe this is the closest they’d allow the chef to get in terms of recipe development. Also keep in mind that the filling at Panera Bread is made from frozen egg product, so the texture/flavor is always going to be different than using fresh eggs. Would love to hear more about your experimentations!


  12. Ann says

    Made these and they are good. However, this recipe is not the Panera recipe. So if you are looking for the exact Panera recipe this is not it.

  13. Devon says

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for doing this! It’s my new favorite thing, considering the panera egg souffles are my favorite.

  14. Big dog says

    Ill will have to give this a try. The ham and Swiss is the only one I like. And it is now off the menu replaced by sausage and Gouda :(

  15. says

    Thanks for the great recipe! I was so disappointed when I couldn’t get the Ham and Swiss Souffle at my Panera. This has helped fill the void! I’ve made a couple of changes, using country ham and puff pastry. Comes out delicious every time!

  16. Jocelyn says

    It’s pretty good. :) I think next time I’d pre-cook the egg mixture less, and bake longer. The texture was too much like scrambled egg.

    • says

      Hey Erin,
      Really, the only thing you could do ahead of time with this recipe would be to have your mix-in ingredients ready to go. Chop the ham, dice the red pepper or any other vegetables that you’re going to use. Baking is what takes the most time, and that you can’t really do ahead. :)

  17. MandyGags says

    Good recipe… Just made these this morning. Next time I would add more Swiss cheese,maybe anotherb1/8 of a cup? Also I had to bake it about 25 minutes longer than the recipe so that the eggs would cook. My husband loved it too!

  18. AmyRenee says

    I’ve been using this recipe and tweaking it as I go, it’s pretty tasty. I don’t have ramekins so I’ve been using silicone cupcake pans, which works ok. I double the filling and use the whole tube of crescent rolls, it makes 8 little soufflés. My favorite combo so far is egg, ham, Swiss, laughing cow light and nutmeg. The laughing cow cheese adds some creaminess without too many calories.
    For the naysayers – this recipe uses crescent rolls from a tube. Of course it’s not going to be identical to Panera, any more than tube crescent rolls are identical to bakery croissants. But it’s a pretty easy and tasty substitute for the Panera soufflés that you can make at home for about 1/4 the cost. And now that Panera has taken the ham & cheese off the menu, its even better to be able to make at home.

  19. Anna says

    I went searching for a recipe after trying the sausage and Gouda soufflé at Panera and falling in love with it. We don’t have a Panera in Calgary. Made it this morning. Used Gouda cheese, dried onion flakes (too lazy to chop onions) and Johnson’s Italian Sausage meat. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the recipe. It was amazing and definitely making it into my breakfast recipe book.

    • says

      Anna, I haven’t tried that sausage and gouda version yet, but now I’m inspired to make my own! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I’m really glad you enjoyed your breakfast. :)

  20. Angela says

    Any experience with freezing these? It would be great if I could pop one of these in the microwave or toaster oven as I get ready for work, and then grab it as I run out the door in the mornings :)

    • says

      Hey Angela, thanks for your question. I haven’t tried freezing them, but my understanding is that Panera’s are frozen before they bake them. The nice thing is, croissant dough and eggs aren’t all that expensive in terms of ingredients. Why not make up a few and freeze one, and see how it works out? I’d love to know too! If I get a chance to try it myself, I will. But as I’m due with a new baby in a week, you may get a shot before I do. :)

  21. Leah says

    Made this recipe this morning, and it was delicious! Thank you for taking the time to share your update to the recipe and to the other postings for different ideas/add ins :)

    • says

      Leah, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Thank you for taking the time to come back and leave a comment. It always means so much to get the feedback.

  22. Valinda Sanes says

    Your recipe for the Panera Egg Souffle called for 2 Tablespoons of Red Pepper. NO! Do you mean Hot Red Pepper or Sweet Red Pepper.
    Hot Pepper would be Fire Alarm 2. Please advise. Val

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