Guest Post – Sopapillas

This week, Iā€™m visiting my home state of Texas. Several of my blogging friends agreed to do guest posts for me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Kristen from Dine & Dish is one of the most genuine and lovely bloggers I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has a passion for helping other bloggers find their voice, and it makes me incredibly grateful to know her. Her equal dedication to family is what makes her blogging style so special to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Grandma Wogan lived in Union Star, MO… a tiny little sleeper town in northwest Missouri. As tiny as the town was, I remember it being full of magic spots when I was a little girl. She lived in a log cabin (that always smelled like coffee), which was about as far different from our suburban ranch home as it could be. She had huge trees all over her lot, with a big tire swing in her backyard. My sister and I would spend hours just swinging on that swing, feeling like we were flying up to the highest tree branches.

I remember the underground walking path too… to get from one side of the road to the side where the elementary school was, you’d walk down through a tunnel that went under the road. Really, is there anything cooler than a tunnel to a little kid? I’m sure it wasn’t very long, but I remember it being so unique and mysterious. When we went to visit Grandma, the first thing I always wanted to do was go to the tunnel.

I have so many fond memories of going to Grandmas. Unlike most of you, I don’t recall my Grandma ever doing much cooking. I do remember every time we went to her house we would head into town and go to Barbosas, a Mexican restaurant located in a huge castle. It was at Barbosas that I first fell in love with Sopapillas… pillowy puffs of fried dough, sprinkled with brown sugar and filled with honey. I always called them Barbie pillows because to me, that’s exactly what they would have been perfect for!

As I was making up a batch of Sopapillas this morning, my mind was wandering to time spent with my Grandma Wogan, and I began missing her very much. Those of you who still have your grandparents alive… treasure that relationship and spend as much time with them as you can. Love them fiercely now so you can have the most wonderful memories when they are no longer here to make memories with.

Guest Post - Sopapillas
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Guest Post - Sopapillas
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  1. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I had a grandma Rosemary who was a secretary. She was divorced and lived in an apartment and took the bus to the city to her job. I SOOO wanted to be like her!! I remember waiting for her at the bus stop to get home from work, so we could go for a walk or cook together. I always admired her independence and how talented she was in the kitchen.

    The sopapillas look amazing. I’ve never had one before!!

  2. says

    I love sopapillas! The first time I made them I smoked up the house though, and all the fire alarms went off. šŸ˜› I need to try them again using your recipe!

  3. says

    Never heard of a sopapilla, but they sound and look super tasty. Another grandma-inspired one is leftover pie dough scraps brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Similar to this but not as puffy. Yum!

  4. says

    A fabulous guest post! Ever since I had these at NOPA in San Fran, I’ve been obsessed. They served them with this buttery caramel sauce… I’m drooling right now as I think about it. This brings back such wonderful memories.

  5. says

    for those who don’t have a fryer, a friend of mine swears by the dutch oven method. cast iron so it can take the heat, enameled so it won’t discolor, and high sides to keep the splatter under control. cheers!

  6. says

    I love sopapillas but have never made them. Not sure why…but they are a surefire draw to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. More than the sopapillas though is the reminder of Grandma. Mine was a good cook and we did share some of those memories but it was just her presence, her love…those are what I cherish and will never forget though she has been gone 30 years.

  7. says

    Ok, I was going to make this healthy dinner. Think steamed veggies, brown rice, tofu sort-of-thing. Then I see this. Now it’s sopapillas for dinner!

    P.S. Have you tried the sopapilla cheesecake on Tasty Kitchen? It’s SO easy and delicious!

  8. says

    Hello, Amber!
    Nice to meet you. Thank you for hosting my new blogging friend. Kristen – your sopapilla look so flaky and light and lovely and delicious. I have never had one, but definitely want to now!

  9. Ann N says

    In December we vacationed in Santa Fe NM and had the most incredible light pillows of dough called sopapillas at a local hangout, Tomasita’s by the train depot. We’re from Texas so we’re familiar with them and bunuelos. But there, one sopapilla is 4″ x 6″ and puffed up! It fills the plastic basket! They’re served plain and used like bread when you’re first seated and with your meal. The closest thing we’ve found in Houston is at Santa Fe Flats but much smaller. We’ll try this recipe but make them giant! size.

  10. says

    Barbie pillows…I LOVE it! And I love the description of your childhood memories. These look so yum – my family would be all over these. I’m printing it off!

  11. says

    I never realized a sopapilla is just a fried, flour tortilla. The ingredients made me realize that. Makes sense. Your sopapillas look so tempting. Thanks for sharing.

  12. says

    yep – Barbie pillows made me smile too Kristen . . . and what is it about the grandparents’ home that was magical??? i don’t remember my grandmother baking a lot but she had two cookie jars – TWO cookie jars filled w/store-bought cookies which i thought was the coolest thing ever!! they were filled w/those sugary pink wafer things and the vanilla creme sandwiches – both of which i won’t touch now . . . but back then? oh yeah!

  13. Jennifer Burns-Tunell says

    Kristen, this is so odd that when I typed in sopapillas your recipe was the one that came up…I live in Maryville, Mo. Union Star isn’t far from us and I too remember going to Barbosas, what a treat it was. Jason Barbosa lives in Maryville and it is his family that runs that resturant. Thank you for the simple recipe……

  14. Debra Rithman says

    FINALLY!! A recipe for real sopapillas :) I grew up in New Mexico and grew up with these wonderful pillows that you would fill with honey. Then we moved east and the “sopapillas” were these flat, crispy chips and I kept trying to tell everyone those are not real. We had one Mexican restaurant in Richmond, Va that knew how to make the real thing and big surprise, they were from New Mexico :) I live in Ohio now, and same problem. Whenever I have tried to search the internet for the recipe it always brought back the recipe for the flat chips not the real sopapillas I grew up with. So, Thank You from the bottom of my homesick heart for a real recipe :)

    • says

      Aw Debra, I’m so glad you like the recipe! I was really grateful to Kristen for stepping in when I needed a guest post, and for sharing this amazing recipe. Sopapillas are one of my alltime favorite Tex-Mex desserts. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!


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