Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie Bites

Photo taken by Maggy Keet from ThreeManyCooks.com
I’m sorry, but are Candy Cane Kisses pretty much the bomb diggity of Christmas candy, or what? Look at the center of that cookie bite. Just look at it! An entire kiss, wrapped in dark chocolatey cookie goodness, people.

I pretty much buy Candy Cane Kisses in bulk when they show up at Target. White chocolate and peppermint? I’m so there. Luckily, so is my bestie, Maggy.

She came over last week for a bit of baking and a girls’ night in finished with gin and tonics in the hot tub. (Be very jealous.) We had the best time baking up a storm. Nearly a metric ton of shortbread in different flavors, we made.

I had the economy size of the kisses bag sitting in my freezer. I knew I wanted to do something similar to these Rolo cookies with them, but couldn’t decide what.

This is where good friends who are also good bakers come in *very* handy. Maggy helped me figure out the method, and the dark chocolate cookie dough came from my friend Annie’s blog, With Sprinkles On Top. I used that same dough last year to make cookies with Andes peppermint baking chips, so I knew it lent itself very well to the peppermint application.

These may take a little extra planning, because they require you to freeze the Kisses and freeze the dough for a while, but they are OH so worth the extra effort.

Maggy and I spending a day baking together is something we both dreamed about when she lived in England and I here. We were cooking buddies over the phone for the longest time, and we’d cook together whenever either of us was visiting the other, but just to say, a the drop of a hat, “Hey, come over here and let’s bake!” – well people, that’s a luxury we didn’t have for the first 2 years of our friendship.

When I look back on Christmas 2010, that day of baking together is going to be one of my favorite moments. Having a friend who understands your darkest moments, who bolsters you up when you’re down, and who will come stay at your house and make you drinks and dinner when your husband is out of town? It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

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    Yes! What a fun day we had, Amber. Nothin’ like girl time complete with baking, G&T’s and your hot tub. I never thought we would get all that baking done, but we did! And I’m *still* enjoying shortbread from that day :D Hugs! xoxo

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    Mmm, these look incredible! I agree; there isn’t much better than a day of baking with your girlfriends…sounds like you two had a lot of fun! (And yes, I am very jealous of your hut tub). ;-)

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    as you well know, i am not in love with the chocolate/mint combo (mini pb cups or rolos would be a-mazing) but these are adorable. i am, however, in love with gin and tonics and hot tubs and great friends though :) i’m glad to share my sister with you, and glad you have each other.


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    What a delightful day! Wish I could have been in that kitchen…MUCH FUN to be had I’m quite certain! The result is just lovely and looks scrumptious! Nice work ladies!

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    first of all…these bites? ahhhmazing!! candy cane kisses + me = utter love. second…this post almost made me cry b/c of how much i miss my bff. we grew up in the same town but she now lives in VT and i long for the days of hanging out whenever we felt like it (ie every day). maybe someday we’ll live close enough again to drop by on a whim or bake our days away. great post, Amber!! :)

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    Oh, so much fun!! I’ve never even seen these kisses… I am deprived, apparently.

    You described a pretty perfect day there, right down to the g&t’s at the end! I got together with two girlfriends in September to do some freezer cooking and we had a blast. (We drank after and during, hee hee!)

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    I adore these! I wish I could crochet, but for some reason I’ve only learned to knit. My husband’s grandmother has been trying to teach me, but I’m all thumbs! I wonder if I could get her to make one of these for the kids.

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